Wally blows it!

so you read wally put his fist thru a board! Simon thought he was attacked? Waly got away with it! Geyroy didn't! I think its worst 4 Wally to show any bad stuff than his players!! we love Wally but if the lions keep losing! well........ Wally will go before the top notch players! wake up wally! you have the best talent ever! its on the coaching now! how do you manage so much talent? you have the best of the best! the ball is in your court wally!

can someone please explain this thread...thanks!

Clearly ESL isnt working.

you mean Wally blew his lid at a practice and was yelling at everyone! yelling at the players, yelling at the media, yelling at the fans, yelling at the equipment manager, yelling at the receptionist, yelling at Skytrain attendants, yelling yelling yelling

shaking the paint off the walls in the locker room!

that's exciting!

it's football time! let's yell at everyone else!

time to make some noise!

First, is it Wally, or Waly? Secondly, who is Geyroy? :lol:

I think Wally should play his BEST PLAYERS if he wants to make the playoffs, and the QBS need to throw to geroy more.

wow lot's of funny people here! trying to get a laff over a spelling mistake! can we get over ourselves and talk about football? Wally seems to not be with the pro coaching program! 3+ tries at the goal line??????????? Whats wrong with this picture?

Cripes! If you saw Buono walking on water, you would say he can't swim. Buono has the best coaching record in the league and, with the acqisition of Roberts, the Lions just guaranteed themselves the Grey Cup.

I agree danpel wally is going to be the all time winnest coach in cfl history and they are saying he can not coach, he is also the al time bc lions winnest coach in history, i remember when half way through the 1987 season and people wanted don mathews out of town. and look what he did you can not say that about a coach of that stature,. that is like saying wayne gretzky can not play hockey.THINK BEFOR YOU SPEAK.

Geez, you'd think with school back, the English on here would get better!