Wally blew it again

Wally Buono Blew it again not going after Casey printers, you do not let somebody with his talent just go right bye you without a blink, this is going to haunt him, Casey is going to become the best Quaterback in this league since Doug Flutie, and again we let him go, i heard on nw that Casey Wanted to come here in fact when Dollywall ask his agent what team he realy wants to come to he saig with no hesitation, BC ,why not go after him you stupid jerk,i will not be attending anothet lions ever again. This is a joke.

This team is a joke. Goodbye forever.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Go back and watch what Buck Pierce did against the Stamps before he got hurt, or better yet what he did last season when Dickenson was out.

The Lions already have a budding young star at QB.

Wally blew nothing. Good riddence to Printers in BC.

dupsell, you are so negative, I hope you keep your word and NOT come back.

Printers was a distraction. Go ask Rob Murphy what he thinks. Pierce is our future. I'm glad we didn't sign him.

You guys will be better off without fans like this Dudsdell guy....

Anyway, I have a question.
I've seen a few times now how Rob Murphy thought Printers was this, and Printers was that.
How would he know?
He was not a Lion when Casey was there, so what credibility does he have to comment on that situation...?

But regardless, the Leos had neither the cap room, nor the need to sign Printers.

Interesting point Arius. I did the time line and that makes sense.

If you have access to the Province Newspaper on-line, read Ed Willes editorial. I forgot how much crap Printers stirred up when he was here. I only remembered 1/4 of it! :wink: :wink:

I really hope for the sake of the poor, suffering Ti-Cat fans, Printers has cleaned his act up.

Thats what i am saying , he is going to be the best player, since doug flutie and lions have a bunch of quaterbacks that get hurt all the time, is is a no branner, bring him back what a joke.

Oh go away.

Whats a quaterback??

I thought he was leaving forever???? :roll: :roll: :roll:

That didn't take long. :roll: :roll:

lions suck man

Maybe it would have been nice to have printers back. But not for the long term. Buck is our QB of the future, Dickenson is probably going to end up retiring if he doesn't suit up again this season. Jackson shows he can be a good backup.

Printers would have just been a distraction to the team and the fans. He was good QB, bad player. I think he left the CFL to early thats why he failed in the NFL. Hamilton needs talent at QB but his biggest challenge will be leading that team of losers to something of a respectable second half of a season.

I heard the quote from KC's coach on why he was being released, and he said that "Printer's head wasn't right", So Wally's not the only one. The guy has a "me first, team second attitude" Great athletic ability, but until he figures out how to be a team player, he's only going to be a liability to any team he plays for. Bucky's got a ton of ability AND he's a great team guy. I'd take him over Printers any day.

Just ready the Province article. I'm glad he's gone!

I also think CP burned to many bridges to go back to BC.
But if you didn't have Buck, I imagine Wally would still have looked at it...and DD isn't out of the picture yet (though he likely should be).

But I did find it interesting, once again, that Rob Murphy, who never played with Printers and has no first hand knowledge about the situation says "over my dead body", but apparently, Geroy Simon who did play with him, would have no problem if he came back...

Did I mention that Murphy is a bit of a head case himself?
See the other article in the Province about his confrontation with Popp.

Anyway, the point is moot, as Casey is a Ti-cat.

Casey Printers obviously still has a lot of lerning to do...like how to be a true leader and play a team sport. It would have been a sad day for BC had he come back. How many teams can win when the offense is split into two camps and one of those camps is lead by a extremely good athlete with the maturity level of a 13 year old.

i hope you break both of your ankles jumping off the bandwagon
heck, i'll be the one to push you off

Do you remember the 2 years that Casey was here? Yes, he had a MVP year but the next year he decided he was bigger than the team. He screwed the team and I'm glad he's someone else's problem.

Just wow DUPSDELL. Well if its that much of a no brainer then you should have givin Wally a call and offer to pay for the penalty for every dollar they go over the SALARY CAP.Were you willing to do that DUPSDELL. The TI-CATS HAD THE SPACE AND WE DIDN'T, GET OVER IT.
OHH by the way where did Wally blew it the first time???
As back in 05' Wally offer him a contract extention for over a million dollars over 3 years and he turned it down, which in the CFL is good money.IF ANYTHING IT SHOULD BE PRINTERS that should be grateful to Wally and the LIONS that they gave him a chance to play pro football PERIOD.Keep in mind Dupsdell no NFL TEAM DRAFTED or even look at Printers until Wally knock on his door.

Thank god Walley didn't sign that locker room cancer. I just hope for the Ticats sake that he has his head screwed on straight and has lost that me first attitude. Pierce is the future.

personally, I don't think dumpsell knows a damn thing about football. I've been waiting for the day he apparently is going to come back. Most of his posts have no substance to it. All he talks about is attendance and CP coming back. Other than that, he's not shown any kind of football knowledge.