Wally and Carm Carteri Spat

I've only heard incidentally about some kind of "undressing" that Wally gave Carm Carteri in a press conference in the day or two before the game.

Does anyone have any details or a link to a verbetim summary or transcript or anything? What, exactly did Carm say to get Wally's knickers in a knot and what did Wally respond with?

There’s a broadband link on TSN…good luck getting it to work, though…

I saw it before on tsn.ca but last night I couldnt find it to show my grandpa :?

I couldn't find it. Do you recall the title of the video?

I didn't catch that much of the incident except to figure out that Carm was questioning Wally about letting Jiminez play in the game. I would love to have seen the whole incident.


this was the link....I don't know if it still active

You can listen to it at http://www.greenzonefootball.com/node/991

Proud of Carm for sticking up for himself.

Sorry, Mike, link took me to highlights of Win-Tor game.

Thanks, BigB - that worked. And welcome to the forum!

Just another spat between a coach and a journalist.

has there been video posted of the Jimenez incident yet?? I missed it on CBC

Yes! If you go to: http://www.cbc.ca/sports/

Then select the OnDemand on the upper right of the page and scroll through the thumbnails at the bottom, it is about four scrolls in.

Thanks for the link. I don't know but I would say there isn't much there to incriminate Jiminez.

Okay dusty100, what do you see. You see a BC player going low on the Calgary player. There are no other players around or close enough to have caused the hit. If you are looking for the video to show intent, I don't think it does, I agree. But then I would ask you, when Rassouli was kneeing and punching Scott Schultz while he was down, does that show intent? No...what it shows is the action of the player and the fact it was a delibrate act. So given the Jimenez hit, does it show it was a delibrate act, the fact there were no other players around, I believe it does. The fact the ref called it even before the players finished rolling on the ground, I believe it does.

Tell us what you think

I am not defending Jimenez is all I'm saying is that I hope they have some other video evidence to go by. The ref's input should be the determining factor as to the proper sentence but judging from the Rasoulli incident we can't rely on their observations of events either.

Did anyone watch "In The Huddle" last night?
Carm addressed the set to with Wally and explained what had upset Wally. On a Vancouver radio show Carm took issue with the hosts premise that Wally should be Coach of the Year because he took a team with a third string QB to a first place finish. Carm of course supported Austin for this accolade. The next issue that came up on the radio program was Jimenez and Carm suggested that there was no way that Jimenez should be playing in the West Final.

Anyway, at the press conference before game day Wally walks into the room and opens up with saying that certain media persons should learn to keep their mouths shut and then singled out Carm. The audio link from another post is the result.

Carm seemed a little embarrassed by the whole situation and was very suprised by Wally's over the top reaction. He was just doing his job.

From the video clip on CBC there is no indication that it was even deliberate. For all you can see Jimenez may have tripped and fell into the Calgary player's legs. Based on the ensuing ejection I would suppose that the ref saw something that was deliberate but I don't think the video shows that.

Wally owned Carm. Made him look like he was actin' a fool. I don't mind watching reporters get put in their place as often as possible although it doesn't happen as often as it should.