Walls TIRING OF nfl.

seems like Gavin Walls is getting weary of the nfl. tryouts....nothing seems to be clicking for him down there....and he wants to return to the Peg.....I sure hope he comes back....we can't afford to lose a guy of his quality...specially on D'....Taman better get out the cash... :idea:

Do you think he;ll want to come back? I mean KK called him a traitor and wanted to run him out of town when the announcement was made that he was trying out the NFL!

You Winnipeggers will have to give him a group hug so he can "feel the love" so there are no misconceptions! :wink:

I was joking SM

thank god he is thinking about coming back from the darkness and into the light :smiley:

You've sure changed your tune....When he was leaving, traitor was a mild word....I beleive Killing and poison were a few choice words that you came up with.

...Kanga you're really rough on those NFL ...tryout guys....what did you say about Printers....well okay we can agree on that one...if you had him being drawn and quartered... :lol:

I don't mind printers making the jump to a team that needs a SB win, I did mind it when Ryan jumped cuz his game is more for the CFL than NFL (had he jumped to the Riders, I would have been mad, but not ticked like I am now).