Walls Re-Signs With Bombers

The Ticats will have to switch to Plan B to upgrade the defensive end position. The Winnipeg Free Press reported today that potential free agent defensive end Gavin Walls has re-signed with the Bombers. Defensive tackle Tyrone Williams has also signed with Winnipeg.

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/Blue-Bombers-add-two-key-pieces-to-their-defensive-dozen38557027.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 57027.html[/url]

Brandon Guillory has still not signed with Edmonton, he played well last year. Otherwise Obie is going to have to pull a miracle down south or pull a trade.

I wouldn't say Obie has to pull a miracle. He, and his scouting staff, just has to do a good job of locating and signing some talented players. It is up to Greg Marshall and John Kropke to develop it and put it in the best position to be successful. Something Denny Creehan didn't do a good job of last season.

One could argue that the import defensive end position is one of the easiest positions to fill on a CFL roster. And yes I make that statement even in the face of last season's defensive line production.

All these players you desire from other teams rosters, where did they all come from?

The Ticats should try and invest some time and money to develop their own talent rather than waiting for other teams to develop it and discard it.

Just my two cents.

  • paul

Right on. Finding the correct talent and having someone with the knowledge to develope the talent. I don't like our chances - Kropke is no where near the leader and teacher of Coach Salavantes.

It would be nice to have one DE who has some CFL experience and can stay healthy, and possibly find another import who can fit the bill.

I agree it should not be hard to locate a decent import who can play this position, but they still need to do a little adjusting to a different game (ie. one yard off the ball, different time clock, wider field, etc.). A lot of the DEs that end up in the CFL are college MLB / DE who don't fit the NFL mold or for whatever reason don't make it in the NFL (ie. guys like Joe Montford (6.01 230) or Cameron Wake (6.03 240)). The trick is to find someone that is in this position, is a prototypical CFL DE (these guys are pretty good examples), and convince them to come up to play in the CFL.

All we need is one gem. You can be sure that if you find one stud, the other DE and the DLs will have things much easier.


Oh my God OB..are you losing your marbles? How did you not sign this guy? He was totally what we needed. Im so upset that there has been next to know movement on our roster. We are in for another LOOONNNGGGG season folks if we are letting top notch talent slip through our fingers without even an offer.

(I dont use smilies or emoticons, so please read the sarcasm intended in this post....it kills me when people say th OB has done nothing to improve the team when FA hasnt opened yet and the draft hasnt occurred....or when people think its as simple as offering a contract to someone to get them to sign)

That happens so often here, mycko.

When people see a report in the news media that a good veteran player is available
who plays one of the positions which their team has a glaring need for, mycko,

and some other team ends up signing him they assume that we didn't try to pursue him.

Even worse are the people who rant about how the Tiger Cats were so stupid
to release or trade former players of ours who become successful somewhere else.

Don't try to tell them about the circumstances that triggered their release at the time.

In many cases those players were just starting to move up
the learning curve that all player have to go through

and in other cases, that player failed to produce with us
because he lacked a good supporting cast around him.

In other cases, the priority was other positions
on the team that needed bolstering at the time.


Don't talk to me about Anthony Calvillo.