Walls has to go Bench or trade - Bring in Montford

Has anyone seen Walls do anything this year? Playing on a much better D-line he has not done anything. Should try Baggs out or better yet lets bring in Montford as he has the attitude this team needs?

you havent seen him as much because this year (unlike last year) there are other players that are doing things, while last year there was only him.

…you’re right shadow…Walls has become invisible…maybe cuz he has the sophomore jinx…or he is not a happy camper…dunno…but i would bench him and put in a guy with some fire… and that would be Baggs :thup:

Baggs had a good training camp and deserves a shot. I don't buy what bluebombers wrote as you always hear the names of Brown, Warner and Canada making plays but seldom Walls. Time to sit him?

...yup....he needs a wake-up call... :rockin:

He is getting it this week, Baggs may see some action, he has been a agitator in practice all week long.

Bring in Montford lol...

idiocy bench him for a game and talented He get back to form.