Walls and 5 Bombers resigning in the Peg

CJOB has reported that the Bombers will be announcing 6 free agent signings very soon, they just need to dot the i's and cross the t's, the FA'S named are:

Kyle Koch, Dom Picard, and Fred REid

Kelly malveaux, Gavin Walls and Ike Charleton.

Looks as though Gauthier is going to CGY as the Bombers want to go with the younger Koch. Also stated but not confirmed is the Bombers WILL be going into camp with at least 6 QB'S, so far including: Glenn, Dinwiddie, Randall, Chang and 2 kids Taman found in the states (no names were mentioned unless i missed it). The report also stated that Kelly is comfortable with Glenn at QB (should he win the starting job at TC), but Ke