I feel pretty confident that this topic has not been brought up.

Those graphics that are being use on the main page under "Top Stories" of team logos that win games. Right now it's the Roughriders. Unfortunately I don't know what the Ticats one looks like, but if it is like the other ones, I'd like that for a wallpaper on my computer. Can we get those? Are there wallpapers on this site and I'm just clueless?

The Tiger-Cats one looks like this...


I can't understand why Winnipeg was used this week, does make any sesne!

I think you can right chick on it and a icon may oe may not pop up to say "set as background".

It's maybe no good but it will work.

That looks awesome, BTW!!!

For team wallpapers, go to "FANZONE" >> "SONY MEDIA GALLERY"

Than click on the team you want.

Thanks CM. I'm an idiot.