walllpaper idea

i was just wondering as i was reviewing the main stories on the front page of the sight if would be possible to get the backgroung used for the ticat statment made available for a donwloadable wallpaper

sorry i dont know how to copy or link it but to discribe it if needed it looks somewhat like grey diamondplate background with the logo to the left side

You mean the one that has a picture of the Ti-cat and the words "We come to Play" beside it.

That would be a nice wallpaper include with it the 2006 schedule. :thup:

Take a look hereā€¦

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/themes/hamilton2/graphics/wallpapers/series5/1024-maas.jpg]http://www.ticats.ca/themes/hamilton2/g ... 4-maas.jpg[/url]

It can be found in the Gallery under Fanzone.

I think Swordfish is looking for this jpg:


Perhaps someone could size it 1024 X 768
and put it in the wallpaper area?

If not you can right click on it and
download it, and set it as background
yourself Swordfish.

thats the one
thanks for posting it Dan much appreciated