Wall of Silence

I have fired off a few emails to some people that I think can help make this happen. Hopefully I can get some momentum on this.

It is called, The Wall of Silence.

The Principle

Before the opposing team takes the field the stadium is silent. As the Riders enter the field the whole crowd erupts at the same moment.

This COULD be a trade mark of Mosaic stadium, something UNIQUE to all of sports in the world that I know of. Instead of booing the opposition, the Riders could hold something special and unique.

It would work roughly like this.

  1. Two minutes before the opposition enters a message goes up on the jumbotron "Quiet Please, for the Wall of Silence"
  2. Everyone is dead quiet as the opposition enters.
  3. A countdown timer begins for the entrance of the riders, 30, 29, 28 ...... 3,2,1
  4. The crowd explodes in cheering at the same moment and goes wild
  5. The opposition is dumbfounded, the Riders are jacked up, the crowd atmosphere and fun level is jacked up

Educating everyone:

  1. Have the pregame radio show mention the wall of silence
  2. Cooperation from the jumbo-tron people, I don't think this will happen without the jumbotron.
  3. Hand out mini flyers to everyone entering the stadium that day.

I think if this was done once it would catch forever.

If we look at the lions, the boos and jeers will actually get them fired up. If we can hold off until after the game starts, it will give our team a big advantage.

Just to point to Clermont's recent comments on cfl.ca as a prime example.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/lions-looking-to-feed-off-adversity]http://www.cfl.ca/article/lions-looking ... -adversity[/url]
"We're going to embrace that. They're going to keep us into the game and keep the energy high."

I thought the throwing of full beer cans was the trade mark of Mosaic (it'll always be Taylor Field) Stadium.

Personally, I'd rather scream obscenities.....

What I want to see is no fricken Waves and go-rider-go when our offence has the ball. Has to stop.

I can agree with that but I guess that's what comes with selling out the stadium. Not all 30000 people are going to know everything about football.

[url=http://rodpedersen.blogspot.com/2008/11/show-your-rider-pride.html]http://rodpedersen.blogspot.com/2008/11 ... pride.html[/url]

It's third on the docket for today, but Pedersen is trying to give it some exposure.

The wave is good on offence -- gives people something to do and isn't terribly loud, and the Go Riders Go has always been done during timeouts.

regarding wall of silence..........right on, let's do it!!! :rockin:

[url=http://communities.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/blogs/roughriders/archive/2008/11/06/wall-of-silence-revisited.aspx]http://communities.canada.com/reginalea ... sited.aspx[/url]
Here's the letter I mentioned earlier, from Vaughan Freeman. I hope we'll be able to run it in Friday's or Saturday's paper . . .

Fantasize with me for a moment. You’re sitting silently within earshot of 30,000 passionate Saskatchewan Roughriders fans woven together by a sense of community you will not find anywhere else in Canada. Then suddenly, with unprecedented co-ordination, a vocal eruption from within us takes the volume from zero to 100 in a few seconds as the Riders enter the field. Feel the chill in your spine.
The Principle
As the opposing team is introduced and enters the playing field, the crowd is silent. Then, as the Riders are announced, the crowd explodes into pandemonium.
Twenty seconds before the opposition enters the field, as they are waiting in the tunnel, the crowd is silent.
During the announcements of players and entry of the opposition, we sit there silently.
A countdown timer begins for the entrance of the Riders (“10, nine, eight, seven . . .’’)
Over the public-address system: “And now, your 2007 Grey Cup-champion Saskatchewan Roughriders!’’
The crowd explodes into pandemonium at that moment.
The opposition is dumbfounded. The Riders are jacked up. The fans go wild.
Something legendary is born.
This could be our fan-base trademark at Mosaic Stadium, something that is unique to any sports team in the world. Instead of booing the opposition and stoking the embers within them, we all sit silently.
I believe this idea stemmed from a conversation between my brother and I at the home playoff game in 2007 versus Calgary. The Stampeders entered to a chorus of boos and my brother turned to me and said: “How awesome would it be if they ran out yelling and everyone was silent like no one was here?’’ Awesome? Try ridiculously stellar. This is something that could only stem from the insane asylum that is Mosaic during a Roughriders game.
Hypothetically speaking, what other fan base in the CFL could pull this off?
I hear silence.
Vaughan Freeman,

It will be legen....... wait for it.......dary!!!!

Lets do it. The lions would feel like they just entered the twilight zone instead of being pumped up by the customary Boo's. When the Riders would come out knowing what had just occurred they would be more pumped up then ever before knowing what the fans had just done for them. You could call it the 14th man.

Throwing stuff is the trademark of the BC Lion players. Funny how no one mentions that is what started the melee.

They really seem to be buying into the idea on riderfans.com. I believe it could be pulled off. The Leader post is suppose to run an articale about it tommorow. Don't know about the Saskatoon Star Phnicx{sp.} though.

It would be pretty amazing to be able to pull that off, I don't know if it could happen.

Yes, a "wall of silence " Awesome , i'm in .....Is the gopher with us,if not, we must eliminate the gopher first.......MUHAHAHAAAA

What, you guys do it too? I thought it was just us uneducated fans in BC that do that! :wink:

I imagine it will work about as well as "the cone of silence".

To many bandwagon jumpers....

It’s a Saturday afternoon game. Half the crowd will be ripped to the tits by noon. And you’re gonna get 30,000 of these to be quiet, on command, for anything other than the anthem? Good luck. I consider it a crowning achievement when even one of them avoids pissing on their shoes when they go to the bathroom.

[url=http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/news/letters/story.html?id=f80ccc95-a273-48b8-b5d3-79a398d0fa5c]http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/ ... a398d0fa5c[/url]

It was printed in the LP, so I figure it's gonna work. Just show complete indifference to the Lions entrance. Talk to those around you. Save the boos and the jeers for the game.

LOL. Isn't that the truth.

The wall of silence is a go. Tell whomever you can. They can use the help, so if you can ask someone passing out flyers,etc. if you could help out. Were rider priders we can make it happen. lets do it. Any bit of a hand will help out.