Wall of Honour: Predictions

Who do you think will make the wall in 2020?
I predict Hall of Fame Inductee , MOP and Grey Cup winner/MVP
Danny McManus
After Danny is put on the wall, I think we are running out of players for a while. In the future I am thinking Speedy and Simoni have shots at it.

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I would like to see Joe Hagins. I know he did not play for a long time due to injury but his third down reception in the Eastern Final will be remember by Ti-Cat fans forever.

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Sinkfield, Terrel.

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Arguably the most important catch in team history. A linebacker catching a third down pass for a first down - if he muffs the All Wets go to the Grey Cup not the Cats. :trophy: :1st_place_medal:

I think another worthy recipient would be Ronald Williams.

Yeah, the stretch from around 2002-2012 is pretty gross. Don’t think there’ll be anyone from that era on the Wall of Honour. After Danny Mac, it might be a while before you see another name go up.


Maybe Troy Davis? East All Star 2002-2004 and is the teams all time leading rusher and holds the single season mark with 1628 (2004).
One of the best games and performances I ever witnessed was Labour Day 2004, where he rushed for 233 yards. ( and threw up on the field at one point)

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How about considering retiring a couple of numbers in place of the Wall of Honour this year.

We have Faloney and Mosca being recognized and rightfully so … how about Barrow and Henley.

Those 2 guys are legendary.


I’d tip a nod at James Cotton…talk about “heart”…I can remember him playing with a cast on his arm.

Teddy Page played with a broken jaw that was wired up . These Cats are football players, not soccer players .

Pat Lynch ( a big Billy Ray Locklin fan)

Williams was a great back for the Ticats but I think a running back that seems to be overlooked is Troy Davis. I believe, and please correct me if I am wrong, is that he is the all-time Ticat leading rusher. He was an incredible back - I’ll never forget the game vs Toronto where he rushed for over 200 yards and upchucked his cookies all over the field. I think that the next RB that gets onto the wall of honour should be Troy.

Sorry, I did not read other post about Troy Davis until after I posted mine.

James Cotton. Lol

Just a few names off the top of my head that come to mind as worthy of a place on the wall…

Danny Mac
Dave Fleming
Archie Amerson
Tony Champion
Howard Fields
Mike Walker
Hal Patterson
Rufus Crawford
David Shaw
Mike Morreale

Hal Patterson is not on the wall? That is as sad as not retiring Garney Henley’s “26”.

John Barrow died 5 years and there was no acknowledgement of his passing even though he was named lineman of the century, for this reason alone his number should be retired

At the time of his passing I PM’d Caretaker and suggested the team wear a number 61 armband or something in his memory. IIRC his response was that he did not have the same impact on Hamilton after his playing days as Mosca did so did not deserve such an honour.

(This is going by my memory of a few years back and my ancient brain - which does not work as well as it used to.) :older_man:

I ate at John Barrow’s restaurant, “The Huddle”. Never saw Angelo wrestle. I thought John Barrow always came across as a “gentleman”, whether true or not I don’t know. Can’t say that Angelo ever worried about that sort of impression?

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I remember going into his restaurant with a couple of buddies after a game in the early eighties . We still had on our game gear and Barrow walked over to the table and shook all our hands and acted like we were long lost friends . He sat down with us for a good half hour ordered us all a beer on the house and talked about the good old days . He was a helluva nice guy and gave all three of us a nice memory of that night and of him as you said as a true “gentleman” as well as a true Ti-Cat legend .