wall of honour game spoke volumes to me

Going to that game Friday night and watching the wall of honour for Rob Hitchcock and him speaking to the crowd got me a bit teary eyed. He was talking about that 1999 team and how his dad would be so proud of him if he could see his name up in the stadium wall. My dad passed away in 2011 and I remember watching that grey cup game with my dad with all those players that came out to the field.

We actually buried my dad with the McManus jersey in a open casket in 2011. To stand there in the stands and listen to him speak and watch his name get honoured on a stadium my dad never got to see get built brought some emotion in my eyes.

I honestly feel we have the makings of a grey cup team like we did in 1999. It feels different then the 2013 Henry Burris grey cup game or the 2014 Zach Collaros grey cup game with Kent Austin. This one will mean so much more for so many reasons.

It’s the 20th anniversary of the 1999 team and Orlondo who played on that team is our head coach. How fitting is winning it this year with him as our coach. Orlondo has to be the number one candidate for coach of the year also for bringing this team to the best record ever in franchise history. Orlondo Steinauer is different then June Jones or Kent Austin. He shakes his players hands and pats them on the shoulder when they come off the field. He gets so involved with his players and they love playing for him. We are playing with passion and heart in all facets of the game ( offence, defence and special teams) It’s a total team effort the last few games and when we played out west. For the most part, Dane Evans impressed us all (more than we thought he would)

Bob Young has owned this team for 15 years (since 2004) and has put a lot of money into this franchise and had it been not for him we probably would have folded. 15 years of heartaches, not having a stadium to play in and having to go to Guelph. We have seen 3-15 and 1-17 records. We have gone through all the emotions the last 20 years. We need to win it for Bob Young and every single one of us who have gone through all the emotions of the ups and downs of this team. We have all vented on here at each other and been so frustrated because of the passion we all have for this team. We want them to succeed.

Sitting up in section 215 the other night and seeing how cold it got up there in 4th quarter it was worth watching and supporting this team and I will be doing it in the playoffs too. (Hopefully the eastern Final). I’m going to freeze my ass off like everyone else and screaming at the top of my lungs when our defence gets on the field.

All those heartaches are paying off now and we need to finish this and I honestly feel we will.


Well said. Rob Hitchcock’s father was Phil Hitchcock, A radio announcer for CHML for a number of years.

Very sentimental post Niagara guy. Sport can really connect us to our family and friends, especially our Dads.

I think most ticat fans have been echoing similar sentiments about Bob Young and are very greatful; inspite our on field frustrations of past.

I would like to add, that we need to bring home the cup for many of our loyal players that have re-signed with us and kept us entertained in the last 6-7 years.

Speedy B - who has been as electrifying player as any in the league. IMO, face of the franchise and probably the league. A giant player with such a small stature, playing with players double his size. Had opportunities to sign with other organizations, but no jersey would be befitting him than the Black & Gold.

Simoni Lawerence - What a monster year, after many of us thought he was on a decline.
Even during our worst stretches such as in the midst of 0-8 start this guy always has a huge smile and was very positive.
He needs a nick name, for now I’ll suggest Sir Lawerence.

Luke Tasker - Mr. Clutch, again small stature, plays huge. Not mentioned this year due to injury, many of us can’t wait till he is in the line up. Very quite, but effective…and Rod, it won’t say “son of Steve” on the Grey Cup.

Jermiah Masoli- the one Qb we developed, only qb to play all games for his team in 2018.
We finally had the team around him to win, but tragedy struck.
Still a very loyal, hard working Qb for us.

Devlin Breaux - took a hiatus and came back to the Black & Gold. Shut down corner. Helped keep 2014 GC close.

Ted Laurent Solidifies our D line, ratio breaker. Had opportunities to sign elsewhere but stayed with.

I am sure there are others that I have missed, but would be nice to have these players on GC to go along with Montford, McManus, Hitchcock, Flutie, Steinhauer…

Excellent post Niagaraguy.

As I was watching the game the thought came to me about how important the Cats have been to me my entire life. I have been watching and cheering for them for 40 years. I have seen them live across the country. There have been countless occasions when the best social gatherings have centred around a Cats game. They are the focal point that gets our family together. A win makes my week, a loss makes me grumpy. I surprise myself at how much of an impact this team has on me.

I have lived in Ontario, B.C., Saskatchewan, P.E.I. and Manitoba and my undying support for the Cats has never wavered. I always proudly defend the Hammer as my beloved home town and my Cats as my most important sports team. The bond with this team and its players is eternal. From going to the games with my dad and grandfather to taking my own kids and brothers, it has always been something so special for me and the family.

This year is special. This team is special. From Orlondo down there is leadership, accountability and passion.

Great things yet to come…


I’d say it’s special from Allemang and Burke down. The front office has been nothing short of amazing.

Old enough to remember when Burke and Allemang sharing duties was going to be a problem.

It’s amazing to see Rob Hitchcock as a new member, up in the wall of fame with all the other Ticat greats.

I remember as a kid playing some touch football at Ivor Wynne with Rob and a couple other friends. ( We were able to play on the field before pee wee football games) I was 2 years older and he ran circles around everyone. Little did I know that he would become one of the all time best for Hamilton…

Congrats Hitch you were and are a class act human n ticat.
I recall 96 or 97 a charity hockey game between the cats n fan 590 hockey teams in memory of my nephew.Hitch and Andrew grigg drove from the soo in a snow storm to make the game. When I asked Rob if he was crazy he said I wouldn’t miss this for anything.
After the game we have Rob m.v.p. the family presented him the trophy n he cried like a baby.
One of the many memories I have of the great man

Super classy!

I definitely felt sentimental at the game as well. Probably because Hitchcock was playing when I was just starting to follow the team as a young lad and they’re the last champs.

Have to think some of the mojo from Friday will rub off on this year’s team.