This years Wall of Honour dinner will be held on Thursday, October 20th at Carmen's Banquet Centre. Paul Osbaldiston and Pete Neumann are this years inductees. Tickets are $100 inclusive. 6:00 PM Cocktails & Porchetta, 7:00 PM Dinner.

Osbaldiston won two Grey Cups with Hamilton while setting numerous kicking records during his 17 year career. Neumann, a St. Catharines native played with the Ticats from 1951-1964 capturing three Grey Cups and was elected into the Candian Football Hall of Fame in 1979.

The Wall of Honour Game will take place on Saturday, October 22nd versus the B.C. Lions.

Contact Mark Bowden at the Tiger-Cat office for banquet tickets.



Tiger-Cats Adding Two to Wall of Honour at Halftime on Saturday

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/tiger-cats-adding-two-to-wall-of-honour-at-halftime-on-saturday]http://www.ticats.ca/article/tiger-cats ... n-saturday[/url]

Hopefully it's an oversight that there's only five hours until the dinner starts and other than a post on a message board this is the first story that's been put on the site about it, and even so there's no mention of the dinner in the article. It also seems odd that last months Hall of Fame induction with Danny Mac and Joe Montford was pretty much ignored by the team, except for a link to an off site story, and our own Wall of Honour game isn't even announced until 48 hours prior to the game. Awareness in advance increases attendance at both outside events and games so why the last minute advertising?

Ya, i was thinking the same thing, thats why i posted it.

8) This Alumni dinner is held each year, usually in late October.
 I usually attend each year, and I will be there again tonight.  It is a great night, with many Alumni players there, not
 just from the TiCats, but from other CFL teams as well.

 I always end up running into members from this site at the dinner.
  Anyone from here going tonight ???

   Also a lot of the present day team members are in attendance, along with the coaching staff.

I'm definitely attending, both men being inducted deserve as much back as they gave, the dinner has gotten a lot larger since the first one with Garney Henley, some day I'll scan and post a few pics from it.
Thanks for posting the notice TC23, aside from the Alumni site this is the only place the dinner is mentioned.

Hey Tipper...we can't make this one...ENJOY BTW... Coney Hatch...all original members are playing at Boston Manor tonight too...and I gotta work :cry:

Hay, no prob. I would love to have gone but just found out about the dinner and I already have plans. CHML has been talking about the dinner on there sports cast the past couple of days :thup: