Wall of Honour Dinner

Anyone going tomorrow night?

Should be a great night!
I hear the '86 Ticat reunion has over 30 players planning to show up.
It will be a great place to get those old cards signed.


I heard Dave Sauve on CHML this morning promoting this event....he also got a few good shots in at his buddy Ozzy.... :lol:

Good to hear Dave's voice again on the radio...he's always a hoot and cracks me up! 8)

Hope everyone has a blast tomorrow night!

I had an absolutely fantastic time last night at the dinner. I was quite disappointed that Wayne Lee didn't make it, but it was just so great to see some of those guys again. They were all great to chat with. Lee Knight is such a sweetheart. I'll post some pics soon. Some of them haven't changed a bit.

Just wondering borehamgirl, wasn't there an "incident" betwen you and Paul Bennett? Inquiring minds want to know.

Pope you are a dead man :oops: There was no incident at all :smiley:

Ya, I guess since you were drunk you wouldn't have "felt" a thing.

There was no contact made and I have a table full of witnesses to back me up on that. He was just being funny.

It was the "feel good" story of the night. :wink: