Wall of Fame to be unveiled Sat.

Rick Zamperin ?@rickzamperin 27m
The #Ticats Wall of a Honour will be unveiled Saturday night when Hamilton hosts the #Lions at #TimHortonsField

This is awesome,
The unveiling of the Wall of Honour will carry forward the long standing, storied Ti-Cats history
of both Civic and Ivor Wynne Stadiums to Tim Horton's Field.
This is one of the greatest benefits of the location of the Stadium remaining on the same hallowed grounds.

This will be coupled with the opening of the CFHoF display in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame Club Level.

[b]Tim Hortons Field now has a Hall of Fame feel to it.

Starting this Saturday, fans will get their first glimpse of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame Club Level.
It will showcase the Hall’s interactive displays, artifacts and memorabilia, on game days only.
The Hall of Fame will still remain at its current location next to City Hall.[/b]

Will the HoF Club be open to everyone?

All clubs are open to the public but unless you have a ticket you wont be able to step into the seating areas

Definitely not the case BoLtZ. If that were true then everyone who went into the club level would be getting food and beverages that are included with club tickets as well.

Nice try though.

8) Actually, I believe you are wrong on this.
  There are 3 Club Lounges on the Club Level,  accessible to all Club Seat holders, on a season ticket basis.
   They are, The Champions Club,  The Nissan Wall of Honour Club and Pinty's Canadian Football Hall of Fame Club.

    You need to be a Club Seat ticket holder to access these 3 clubs !!   They are not open to the public, according to the 
     TiCat  information regarding the Club level Clubs !!

     Maybe there is another CFL Hall of Fame display somewhere else in the stadium, but they don't advertise one !!