Wall E

I just wanted everyone to know that I enjoyed Wall E. There was a message to the movie and it was a lot cheaper than attending the Cats game. Seems like we did not miss too much. Same ole Hamilton team shows up. Imagine if Edmonton had actually not had a short week.

You'll be the same person on here when the Cats start winning saying that movies these days are garbage and would rather pay the more money to see the cats. We are bad fans! We only want are teams to win! When they lose, we stop supporting them and stop going to games. When they win, everything is forgotten. Don't believe me? Listen to the 5th Quarter and compare when we win vs when we lose!

8) In that case, maybe you would be wiser to go to a movie every week, rather than attending TiCat games in the future !!!
Just think of all the money you will save !!

By the way, I am curious, what enlightening message did you receive from your enjoyable movie ?????             <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Darn, judging by the title, I thought this thread was announcing that Wally Buono was coming to coach the Cats.

Good call, I like seeing the positives in a loss rather than brew over the negatives. But then again, win or lose I will always watch the games because I love football. My team sucks but who cares when you get to see Glasper and Bradley nail recievers and Lumsden run the ball into the endzone. We lost but next week is a whole new game. If we win I get to brag at work and if we lose I get teased. I LOVE IT!