Walking wounded, and your prediction

When are the dead men walking coming back?

I believe ( not 100% ) that flick / fantuz should be another 2 weeks ? ( which would mean week 15 @ home vs calgary )

Anyone know more than just what i can 'think' ? anything definate?

Oh and how do you think we pan out the rest of the way? I say 4-2 with the rest of the games.

I say 3 and 3. Win 11 games. Finish 3rd. Stamps won tonight. Have easier schedule than Riders. Lions won tonight. Look at there schedule. Play Toronto 2 times next month. Riders have to many injuries. Unless they win in Montreal they will have trouble doing this. Getting home playoff again.

I think Richie Hall is a great coach. Wanted him to be head coach. But Riders defence cant win by itself. To many injuries on Riders offence. Cates. Fantuz. Dominguez. Flick. Berman. Bowman. Johnson. Some others to. Cant score. Cant win.