Walk Up Tickets??

hey im from saskatoon, and i was thinkin of going to the game this saturday, only problem is i dont have a credit card to reserve tickets and i was just wondering how many tickets have been sold for saturdays game if anyone knows, and do you think if i just drove to regina that id have a good chance of gettin some tickets, by either walk up or people scaffling them?? or maybe someone that couldnt go to the game this saturday and could sell a few? thnx!

Last I heard (about two hours ago), there were about 24,000 sold already.

Chances are good that you could get tickets. There are always a few season ticket holders who cannot make the games and sell tickets out around the stadium before the game. Sometimes a bargin can be found sometimes the prices are a bit higher.

The Rider ticket office may also hold tickets for you if you call them and give them your name etc. I know they did this once upon a time not certain now. With the extra seats for the Stones concert however I believe if you arrive early enough you can get your hands on a ticket.

Good luck and Go Riders

It is all about what location you'll settle for.
The crowd should be very good, but with the Stones seating available, it is unlikely to sell out.
But be warned the Stones seats might be a great place to watch Mick, they suck for watching football.
And last I heard they weren't exactly giving them away either (they supposedly asked $40 a ticket labour day which was, frankly, outrageous).
But yeah, you'll get a ticket.

not to concered where im gonna sit, i just wanna see the riders end the eskimo's playoff steak, so as nice as it would be to sit somewhere round the middle, im not to concered as long as i get in and get to watch some football.

thnx alot guys!

all good guys i got my tickets reserved now, c-yall at the game!

go riders!!

I wouldn't bet the farm that this game won't sell out. I think there's a very good chance it will.

It'll be great if it sells out. But if it does, it will be a bigger crowd than labour day was.
I might not bet the farm, but I'm not going to hold my breath either.