Walk of Fame, Stripes, Pigskin Pete?

I'm kind of curious why there's no mention on the site of either of the mascots or the Walk of Fame and Charlotte Simmons award dinner next week?
Is there an intentional distancing of the team from one of the only fan clubs in existence or is it strictly something that was overlooked? No mention (as far as I could find) of either Stripes or Pigskin Pete? Two long time representatives of the Ti-cats that interact with fans on game day more then any other rep or member of the team and in recent years have done the team a great service by trying to keep fans enthusiastic and spirited when things weren't exactly going great on the field.
In a little over a week Dave Stala will receive the Charlotte Simmons award and Rob Hitchcock will inducted onto the Walk of Fame but there's no mention of it anywhere on this site, again as far as I can see.
I'm not trying to be accusatory or confrontational at all with this post but the absence of any mention of any of them just seems weird for a team that wants to present itself as fan friendly and aware.
I hope this comes across as a reasonable question, but I was hoping to send a few links to some friends (potential fans) to show them who Stripes and Pigskin were and assure them their kids will have a blast but other then a few pictures I can't find a section like for the cheer team. I don't think the Cats Claws fan club should have a section on the team site but maybe a link to their own site or at least a sticky post concerning fan activities like the Walk of Fame dinner.
(Pete and Stripes should have their own section)