Walby's Warrior

Grats to Wake on his winning of the truck and grats to all the Lions who were well represented on the warriors list. I guess if they cant win the cup, they will take everything else available :smiley:

One surprise for me was not seeing Clermont on that list (unless im blind). I thought he defined what Walby's Warriors are all about. How many monster hits did he take and get right back up or have the hitter take most of the damage all while racking up the 3rd most receiving yards. Sounds like a warrior to me.

Congrats to Cam Wake, I can't think of anyone more deserving. A true Warrior.

I like when they gave him the truck and said "it's not a rental, you can keep it".

A great accomplishment again by the Lions this year, despite not representing the West in the GC.

I agree with the Clermont thing....the receptions he made while colliding with opposing players were amazing. He is a warrior.

I was kinda surprised to see Flick get a nod, I think Clermont would have been a better choice.

I wonder if those guys have to pay taxes on any bonuses they get, like if they are awarded a truck.

I'll bet they're considered a "gift" and they don't have to. Just my guess though.

...Wake was a freakin monster this year!....congrats to Cam for his prizes and more importantly the honour of this award...

...Q: is he signed to a multi-year contract or could he potentially bolt next year to the NFL?....

Im about 90% sure that they dont.... If it was south of the border, as Im sure you know, then they would have to.

worst case you pay the taxes and sell it for a profit....or just get a new truck for only the cost of the taxes. Id take that deal :smiley:

Wake was a warrior this year...well done buddy...Walby is one big fat blind man if you ask me about the whole team...one HAS to wonder about the sophomore jinx that has plagued the many before Wake.


Yes I believe they do pay taxes.
And gifts are taxable

But winnings arent...was this not a winning?


Congrats to Wake on his new truck! He was definitely a monster this season. And he even played a great game in the West Final!

Gifts aren't taxable, and neither are prizes. If OTOH, you sell a gift/prize, then you have to pay capital gains tax on the money earned.

What if you didnt sell it, but traded it.....FOR MONEY MUHAHA!

True, if they are from your employer, but since this was from the league/CBC/GM, they don't pay his salary, he may not have to.

Was Zeke Moreno mentioned?

just wondering.

I believe he was. Good choice.