WALBY's WAR. starts things off on the CBC in H.D., 3:30 est

WALBY's Warriors , starts things off now on the CBC in HD.......3:30 PM....est.........

They showed the GREY CUP parade at , 1 pm.........100,000 people showed up for that :shock: :smiley:

GREAT JOB , VANCOUVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :shock: :smiley:

EVERY ONE HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smiley:

watchin it now..thanx

TSN's version was awarded yesterday, with the version being Glen's(Suiter) Gladiator. The winner was Brent Johnson.

glen suiter's award is worthless, cuz hes a moron...he flip-flops all the time when making a prediction for a game.

Agree. But, I think its a flip of the coin who is more annoying and never shuts up?

i prefer walby to suitor.

anyone who prefers walby to anyone including pet rocks has got some problems. Walby is the worst thing to ever be on the air. I have to watch the GC on mute just so I don’t have to listen to that moron. Suitor while not great is a billion times better than walby.

He was pretty good in calling the game last night.

Walby rules!