Walby's comments

I was listening to CJAD last night....sports talk. The host is the Als radio announcer.

He mentioned that he found out yesterday that during the broadcast Walby got a call form the league(Black I think) and was told to put a lid on it over his knocking the refs!!!!!

Walby is becoming the Don Cherry of the CFL is guess. Cherry gets away with murder about everyone, the refs included, and Walby should be able to do the same.

HMM.... CFL is getting a little sensitive , IMO. Those game officials deserve the heat they are getting, its why the league looks bush at times, cause they allow crap like this to happen time after time after time. I expect when I watch a game, no matter who is playing, that the officials let the players decide the outcome. I do however, agree with Walby on one point-- the return game is gone, cause of the countless flags thrown during special team plays. Its can be the most exciting part of the game, and how many return TDs have you seen this year? I havent seen any.

Is it me or do I see a pattern here! When the Roders or Bombers lose immediately the fans for those two teams jump on the ref's were bad and there was bad calls. I do not recall hearing this from any other teams but these two. Could it be that the fans for these two teams are insecure. Just maybe these two teams players deserve the penalities. All teams in the CFl are subject to a bad call now and then. I think it would serve the fans of these two teams to learn how to lose with out the excuse of the ref's bad calls. In the Winnipeg game for instance. Did it occur to you that these penalities were cause by new personnel playing in different positions. The calls where Ro points out were all really to close to call. So again a ref has to make the best judgment call on the play. They do not make perfect ref's! If this is what you are looking for it will not happen. Learn to accept the call and move on! Some Bomber fans and Rider fans are notorious for the blame the ref game to justify their team loasing or playing badly.

To close to call? If you watch the Watkins play they ruled an incompeletion, he caught the ball and held onto it for 4 or 5 seconds before he let go of the ball. The Winniepg defenders are all over him as well. It should have been , that HE WAS DOWN BY CONTACT, therefore it was a catch and should have been a TD. This blown call was agaisnt the winning team! I didnt know that the Als moved to the Peg or Regina! If I do recall, I did not blame the officials for Sask's loss to the Stamps, the Rider D took a holiday in the second half of that game. I never once mentioned officials , so your post is just a little off the mark.

Where is it of the mark? Many Rider fans and Bomber fans do in fact come on this site an cry over the ref's after their respective teams loses. You do not see that with the other teams fans now do you. Sambo did I mention your name or are you feeling guilty I do not know that is your proeblem not mine. Three to five seconds when the focal point is moving makes a human to make a quick judgment call. Do you know how long 3 to 5 seconds is! Try riding a bull you will find out! The fans watching on TV have the luxury of slow mo! The ref's do not unless of course they get to review the call. Even then they must make a judgment on the play. And you know what Sambo what ever call they make there are fans that are going to say it is a bad call so quit your dam crying! It is pathetic. Learn to accept the call bad or good you will enjoy the game that much more. If you are not one of these fans that are so quick to jump on the ref's then you have no need to defend yourself!

05, they had the benefit of the replay and still got it wrong, so what does that tell you? I have no guilt, because I have stated my opinion of the state of officiating many times here, and its up to you wether you agree with me or not. In this particular game, the calls and non-calls were horrid, and it ruined the overall entertainment value of the game. Im curious about something though, are you an official of some type in any sport 05?

jees..sometimes i think walby's kinda funny

this post is just to test my new pic lol :lol:

I saw the Winnipeg-Montreal on tape delay in the Philadelphia area, and the ruling on the touchdown catch or not in the endzone by Montreal in the last minute of the first half was ruled as the call stands as it was originally made. I thought it was a touchdown on seeing it for the first time, and felt even more strongly after seeing the replays of this play several times.
The problem that RedWhite2005 pointed out are that the officials only get to see it once and must make a call. Then if the play is challenged, they do get to see the replay, and can change the call if they see irrefuteable evidence to do so. Since this is the first year of instant replay in the CFL, they are experiencing the same problems the NFL did when they introduced instant replay six or seven years ago. They have improved in the NFL from when it started, but it will never be perfect. The CFL will get more replay cameras and more angles in the future, and fewer blown calls will be the result, but there will always be a few. The problem I have with replay is the amount of time it takes before they actually make the determination. This sometimes takes away the momentum from one of the teams and that is not right, but how do you change that and stop it from happening?

The thing is!

What is irrefutable evidence? If the replay convinces me to over turn the call is than not irrefutable evidence?

I agree RO1313, but your opinion and my opinion don't matter, only what the official sees when looking at the replay, and we all wonder what they are looking at and what they are seeing when they review a contested play. It should get better as they refine the system, but it won't ever be perfect. I know it's not perfect in the NFL, and they've had their system longer than the CFL.

When are we going to drop this ref issue? We lost big deal! Talking about refs getting better is like trying to change your mother in law. Ain't going to happen! Just go fishing more often, fry a pickrel and chill out with a blue while listening to the spin zone.

Spike I was speaking as if I was the ref making the decision

I think it's about time that Walby got a job as a coach of the Blue Bombers, as much as I like the big guy, he should be put to better use.

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You're kidding me right? You'd really want Walby as a coach? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Papa, help me out here! I wouldn't wish Walby on any team! Papa, even you would agree with me on this one...Right?

Yikes! Friday the 13th Part VII

Somehow I think the concept of Walby as a coach of some sort has about as much credability as Paopao has had in the past couple years or so.

Mr Walby had me laughing and shaking my
head all game. His comments were even
more biased then usual.

I was honestly waiting for him to tear off
his shirt, reveal his bombers uniform and
go down and help out his boys.

CBC should fine his ass along with fines
to Marshall and Berry from the league.

In his eyes Winnipeg could do no wrong and Montreal could do no right. His
comments about the officials were so outragious it was laughable.

What exactly did Chris Walby say??

Walby is the most biased and useless commentator the world has ever known. Period!
And Mark Lee too!
Does he think that the CBC broadcast is shown only in Winnipeg?
I will have to listen to the game on radio the next time they broadcast anything, which should make CBC really happy to hear that, along with there advertisers!