Walby and Westwood to marry at halftime of Grey Cup!!!!?

According to Marty York, chris walby and troy westwood will exchange vows at half-time of the Grey Cup on National television. Canadian Mike Meyers will officiate the ceremony with Stompin' Tom connors to sing the 1st dance song. Apparently, Nelly Furtado's manager is very upset at this addition to the half-time show as he feels this will upstage Nelly. Westwood will also play the banjo and sing a duet with Walby after the brief ceremony. Who will wear the wedding dress is unclear at press time. Free perogies will be served to all fans during the half-time shocking spectacle!!
Gosh, the CFL is unpredictable.

"... only in Winnipeg!!!!!!!!"

Now That Would Be A Match Made In Heaven!

Well the match wasn't made in heaven...One half of the marriage was a warrior that still has his shoe print embedded on the backs of old Rider Defensive lineman...the other half is just a kicker who couldn't keep his mouth shut...

Im starting to miss McMahon!

I don't think they'd be able to upstage Nelly Furtado anyways, unless she's all covered up for the weather that is...... :smiley:

I'm not,

At least with Turkey, you know its tongue & cheekyness. :wink:

Hey turkey this one is hillarous. But do you really need to ask who is wearing the dress between Walby and Westwood. For a Saskatchewan fan I would think that this question's answer would be a given.

The thought of the wedding night sends world record shivers down my spine…

Hilarious idea. Gotta wonder what Turkey was thinking about when he came up with that.


Yeah missing McMahon should make you ashamed of yourself!

This just in: according to TSN's CFL Friday Night Football panel, Bob Cameron is said to be giving away Westwood and Matt Dunnigan is to be doing the same with Walby at the half-time ceremony. The wedding parties have yet to be disclosed.

I think Charles Roberts is going to be maid of honour...

Tom Wright will be doing the preceedings!

During the wedding night, I wonder if Walby will be flagged for roughing the kicker...

or worse… throws up

Walby was an 'offensive' lineman!!!