Are you guys watching this Vikings/Dolphins game? Cameron Wake is having a ridiculous game and it is only the third quarter. Has a couple sacks and forced a fumble in the endzone which the Dolphins recovered. Nice to see.

He had another really good game last night. All the anouncers have a crush on him too. Good to see he is getting some success there. I don't want him back up here (unless of course he were to play for the Riders).

He was the only one who showed up for Miami last him. Him and Bess (?).

Ive recently heard a radio broadcaster for the dolphins state that Wake will lead the league in sacks one day.
He seemed really high on the guy.
Nice to see wake have success. Very humble guy, grateful for his time in the CFL.

Wake got another 3 sacks against the Packers on Sunday.

Now has 6 in 5 games.