Wake Up Ticats!

I see other teams have begun to sign some of their free agent players. What's stopping the Ticats from doing the same. Wake up Ticats and stop sitting on your hands!!!


They are in limbo until their coaching situation is clear

Will the concessions have corn on the cob next year? That's what REAL fans want to know!


Maybe our gm doesn't want to sign players he might want if he heads to the esks or rbs

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Coach O isn't leaving its all rumors

I would not bet on that

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Clearly you don't realize coach O has teenage daughters playing basketball at a high level here

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So? does that mean he won't take the job?

One job hasn't even been offered to him and two he wouldn't Want to uproot his family now . People shouldn't believe gossip/ rumors without proof

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Nobody's asleep Mightypope2.

Mike O'Shea and Kyle Walters signed hardly anyone the week after winning the CUP in 2019. They let the dust settle first. I expect things to get pretty dusty around here before our fearless leaders whip out their contract signing pens and spring into action before free agency starts in mid-February. :grin:

I have on good accord this is more than rumor. OS is just playing coy at the moment. Families have faced bigger challenges than this.

Do you know coach O likely not or listen to ticats audio network likely not

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His daughter plays basketball in the States. He’s not uprooting his family

He has 3 daughters not just 1 . Oldest is In the states others are teenagers and still in high school, I've seen his daughters post game so I know this for a fact

And saying he hasn't been offered the job is also gossip when really only the involved parties know for sure.

1,000,000 reasons apparently up for grabs, and the old mighty dollar usually speaks the loudest.

We will see.
I would like coach O to add the GM or assistant GM to his title.

He said himself no one has talked to him about it after locker clean out actually

he specifically said he hasn't even been contacted (never mind offered a job).

Doesn't matter to me. Coach O is as much at fault as White for losing the Grey Cup.

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Yep Said he hasn't been contacted and likely part at fault for letting a rookie not super familiar with canadian rules choose what to do

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Nice interview with Don Jackson here

“I’m heading into free agency, but I’m going to discuss that with everybody in leadership here. I love this place, I love this team and I’m definitely looking forward to building,” Jackson said.

“I’m just going with the flow, everything will come how it’s supposed to. I love Hamilton and I don’t imagine myself wanting to be any other place. I want to continue to get better and build with this group.”

He loves the Hammer
:orange_heart: :hammer:


Yeah right.