Wake up, the train is coming...

I never liked watching records fall because most of them were either set before I was born or before I got into sports, so they were holy to me, like the Ten Commandments to a Christian. But I have to be honest, I'm curious to see if Wake can break the sack record.

Apparently the record holder played two fewer games, but because half sacks are no longer counted, people believe that should balance things out. The record is 26.5, and with four games left, Wake has 19 sacks,

He needs 8 sacks to beat the record. He has a back-to-back with Edmonton, then T.O. at home and Calgary on the road. Ray is a pretty elusive QB, and Burris won't be easy to sack, either.

So can Wake break the record? What do others think? Can he? Should he; is he worthy?

Since Wake's average is almost 1 sack per game in 2007-8, Wake probably doesn't break the record. However Wake is only a second year player, but older James Parker establishs the record during his prime.

If wake can have one or 2 bigger games with 2-3 sacs i can see him getting the record. i think if half were still tallied he would have it no problem. still no the less he is a beast who is hands down the best dlineman in the cfl. and his ability get to the qb and stop plays in the backfield should earn him the title of first defensive player to win CFL MOP

Can someone explain the half-sack please?

And I'm liking Wake, I honestly hope he does break the record.

Can he break it? Maybe.
Is he worthy? I've been watching the CFL for over 30 years. I remember guys like Bill Baker, James Parker, et al destroying QB's but I can't think of one pass rusher who was even in Wake's league ability-wise. He is absolutely worthy.

It used to be that, if two players made a sack, they would each be awarded a half a sack.

Now, I believe, only one of them gets awarded a complete sack.

Under the old system, Wake would have an additional half-sack for every one he shared in that was awarded to a teammate. But he'd also lose a half a sack for every one he was credited with that was a team effort. So you can't assume he'd have more under the old system. Odds are he'd have about as many as he has now.

James Parker made 26.5 sacks under the old system, playing fewer games. Joe Montford made 26 playing the same number of games under the same stats rules as Wake is playing under now. Wake needs to make at least that many to be compared to these two. That's a distinct possibility.

But no one will ever touch Grover Covington career-wise.

Never call James "Quick" Parker just James Parker! What disrespect!

The record will be hard to set because teams are double and triple teaming him now. I'll be surprised if he gets it but very happy and will argue that he goes down in history as the most dominating sack master of all time.

Wake is by far the most dominant player in the CFL. He should win DPOY and MOP this season.

Hey, at least I didn't call him Jimmy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Him and Joe are no doubt the most feared in the last twenty years, now just think how sweet it would be if they were on the same line? No double teams? They could basically sack the QB at will. Dare to dream, dare to dream.

Yah, i loved "Big" Joe Monford. He was a force to be reconded with.

They're doing a special on Wake right now. I was looking at it, and I don't think he'll break the record, and that's pretty much his only shot at getting the MOP.

He needs another 7 sacks, but he only has 3 games left. Against Edmonton he only averages 1 sack, and against Calgary he only averages half a sack. So unless he has a great game tonight and knocks Ray down a couple times, he's going to have to sack Joseph about half a dozen times next week against Toronto.

Haha don't give up all hope then.

Well, so far no sacks tonight. Not even a tackle yet, according to the live play.