Wake Up Taman!! Your Making The Wrong moves!!

There is a reason why Armstead was available, the guy sucks ... when i heard Berry say we would see changes on the field i never thought that this would be what he was talking about ..

What was wrong with Casey McGahee? He is already on the roster and with GOOD special teams blocking, he could've broke 2 or 3 returns last game .. Now we waste money on a guy who has only proven that he CANNOT RETURN kicks or punts ... Wake Up Taman!!

Do you not see the real problems on this team? we would have a good return game, if we had more guys who can block ... note that the returners are not the problem.

Should have signed a POWER BACK to compliment and/or block for "Blink" instead of Armstead, problem is the ST Blocking and The Offensive Play Calling, which includes a non existant running game MOST of the time.

What ever happened to Dorsey? Oh yeah, he was not good enough for the BB'S, but he's breaking records in T.O. BAD MOVE AGAIN TAMAN ....

I have no faith in This team from the coaches - to Taman and up .... Player's DO NOT want to play for BERRY and CARTWWRIGHT, even a blind man can see this.

will we see a new team? a winning team with the Armstead Signing? NOPE, we need a spark and more player's with heart, not some washed up returner/reciever, who is available because why?

NO ONE WANTS HIM, well except the Bomber's, another useless signing and another negative mark for Taman.

Let's build or next year (i know i'll here it from the fans about this one), let's start by removing Cartwright.

Read my post about 'Major League' the movie is as analogous to the Bombers brass this season. It's gone on too far, Taman has to go. No time like the present, that time is now here. We're going nowhere.

How long have I tried in my best effort to open the eyes of those that actually agree with Bauer. . . it's absolutely ridiculous what's happening to OUR TEAM RIGHT NOW.

I don't mean this against you specifically, but to the general status quo that need to buy themselves a clue. . . Go to ourbomber's if you like it so much.