Wake up Cortez

How can he say he does not know how both Avon and Chevon can play together? Its simple Onrea Jones returns kick offs or even Avon. Rutley sits. Simple. Wake up Cortez you make me fill with rage sometimes. Get a grip on coaching will you please?

I cant be the only one bothered by this?

We will see ?


I think the coaches have realized some of their bright ideas aren't so bright and their players are much better than they thought they were.
This is a little late, but I think it is a good thing.

spinner stop thinking with your glass half empty

How many offensive weapons does Cortez need?
Avon brings hard yards, solid blocking, sure hands, nasty special teams, experience & leadership.
Obie should trade some of this excess offensive weapons for NI or D help.
You can't sit the guy who carried the rock on that 4th quarter drive.
AFG (angry football gods) & bad mojo will come if Avon sits.
Maybe he is just being coy?

EXACTLY. Obviously you read Drew's blog today. Cortez doesn't even give an explanation why he "[doesn't] foresee how that would happen right at the moment".

Wake up Cortez:

Avon, Rultey

  • Avon plays special teams, runs the ball majority of the time
  • Rutley returns kicks, gets occasional reps in offence

Avon, Chevon

  • Avon plays special teams, runs the ball majority of the time
  • Chevon returns kicks, gets occasional reps in offence


And then Cortez's way:

Chevon, Rutley

  • Chevon doesn't cover kicks, but can return them
  • Rutley returns kicks too in an already crowded kick return group (Chevon, Rutley, Williams, Giguere, Jones)



  • Returns kicks, runs the ball
  • Gets injured, play with six receivers the rest of the game

Same here. I was very happy when they fired Marcel but before last week I was thinking I would give an arm to have him back. If the cats can play somewhat like last Saturday the rest of the season I'll maybe think Cortez is an upgrade but man his stupid decisions and know-it-all attitude really get to me. Even after watching Kavis Reed's postgame comments on sportscenter in which he took all the blame my girlfriend who really doesn't know too much about football said, "I feel like he's taking a bit of shot at our coach with the way he's saying that" because when we lose you hear Cortez name players' names and call out what they did and have no accountability for himself.

Made my night :lol: Cortez is a freaking tool if he thinks we as a fanbase are uneducated enough to believe his b.s.

Like it was mentioned above a few time getting Avon and Chevy out there together is a no brainier and should be super easy to do. Sub out Rutley and there you go, Chevy was returning kickoffs before he got hurt so I don't see what the issue is.

Like I said in another thread last week, Cortez can no longer use the excuse that Cobourne doesn't play special teams. Cobourne has proven to all of us that he can still play special teams. There are definitely no more excuses. I sincerely hope that Cortez is simply being coy about his game plans so that Montreal doesn't get any advantages before game time. I also hope that his reference to looking over the overall injury situation is just a smoke screen. If I don't see both Walker and Cobourne in the game against Montreal on September 28th, I will surely lose respect for George Cortez as a Head Coach. :cowboy:

Depth chart is out, Avon is un and Walker is out.

I'm not sure if Chevy is fully healthy yet so im not surprised, its the next game against MTL im thinking about.

He's not fully healthy yet.

Rutley has spent some time as a blocking back/full back in the O when he has been out there. I think Rutley's ability to do that and return kicks made Darcey Brown expendible.

I'm not against having Chevon and Avon in the lineup at the same time. Both have skills that are necessary. Chevon has the speed to make things hapen on the screens and Avon can get the tough yards inbetween the tackles. Each ones weakness is the other's strength.

I suspect Chevon's ankle is not 100%. I don't read anything more into it than that.

Cortez if you haven't figured out by now does not fill "everybody" in on what goes on with the players, get used to it he just doesn't offer much and isn't worried what you, I or the media thinks about it and I'm OK with that.

You make a pretty good point here
My take on the Cats this year
Is that this is a team with loads of talent
And a suspect core

A successful football team STARTS with a powerful core
And builds talent on top of that
And by CORE I mean both lines
Protecting the quarterback
Special teams strength (coverage, blocking)
All the little unseen things that win football games

There's plenty of great deserts on this team
Simply not enough meat and potatoes
Avon Cobourne fills that hole in a BIG way
And with his work effort, competitive narcissum
And overall enthusiasm
Seems to inspire other players to do likewise.

Last week was the first time the TigerCats looked like I expected them to look
Considering the abundance of talent
All they needed to do was "strengthen their core"

Hopefully, as others have mentioned
Cortez is just playing possum
And sees the obvious
With Avon Cobourne on the field
The Cats are a Team

One last point:
If you've ever seen Cobourne leading the blocking for another back
You'd have to have NO imagination at all
Not to drool over little AC opening holes for Walker
Cortez looks like the "Ted Baxter" of the coaching world
When he digs in his heels and rebuffs the idea
Of those two backs in the same backfield

With that kind of running game
And how much more time and space would be opened up for receivers
As everyone refocuses on the run
It's hard not to see the Cats improving HUGELY
With this one step alone.

(But not before the Montreal game)


A good point. Those two could complement each other well if they were in the lineup together. It was great to see Cobourne used with Terry Grant before that very unfortunate injury to the latter, and I would like to see Avon and Chevon both used at RB.

I thought the reason we kept Avon and his big contract was so that he could be much more than just insurance. I will say that right now, I'm glad we did not release him. His former team could use a good experienced RB at this time from what I understand.

And yes, I'm quite sure that Walker is not at 100% yet. He hasn't been practicing, from what I understand.

BYF, you may want to check your info. We did release Avon and his big contract last winter. He was only brought back after Mallett went down with a season ender part way through training camp. He only came back on the condition that he get the same money he got last year.
With Grant potentially healthy by late October(almost definite for next year's training camp) and Mallett hopefully good to go for next season, this is Avon's last year with the cats, so enjoy having him while it lasts, however Cortez uses him.

I think BYF meant this year as in this season not in the off season.