Wake up Al's

The current state of the Al’s bothers me. With the makings of a very exciting team the rights things must be done to protect this very fragile fan base. Hoping AC does retire, he has nothing left to prove, the emergence of Troy Smith, as the # 1 Aqaba along with Sutton & Carter, plus with the defence having that one years experience, the sky’s the limit. That being said please Mr. Popp stay as GM and find us a real HC and OC. Are you listening Mr’s Whetlan & Weightman. Last point try to land FA Henoc L. from Winnipeg he’s worth the investment.

I don't believe the team will go for a free A this year. Our history of going to FA has not been favorable.

I disagree. Hebert was a great addition so was Tisdale and Messam.

Jamel Richardson, Arland Bruce, Anwar Stewart, Anthony Calvillo – all free-agent signings.

Je suis d’accord pour Hebert et Tisdale, mais Messam? Le gars aux pieds de béton? Là, faudrait m’expliquer.

We acquired Messam in a trade, not as a free-agent signing.

Speaking of free agents, my unofficial count shows the Roughriders dressed 16 free agents yesterday. They had more on the injured list.

Dwight Anderson
Tristan Black
Weldon Brown
John Chick (technically as he was free to sign with anyone)
Diamond Ferri
Ricky Foley
Brendon LaBatte
Jermaine McElveen
Scott McHenry
Dominic Picard
Jock Sanders
Geroy Simon
Daryl Stephenson
Carlos Thomas
Rod Williams
Paul Woldu

Not sure what the moral of the story is other than there are different ways to build a team. And you have to have a veteran presence from a winning background.

What stood out to me was TSN eavesdropping on Durant after the game when he said to Simon, "Thank you for teaching me how to be a champion."

Pretty sure the Riders spent over the cap this year. Maybe that's the moral of the story. :wink: