Wake mulls over monster offers

Lions' Wake nearing move to NFL

By Lowell Ullrich, Canwest News Service

Vancouver Sun January 9, 2009

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Wake has told friends the signing bonus being discussed is fast approaching the $500,000 US mark,

a staggering sum by CFL standards.

...Some 12 NFL teams have shown varying degrees of interest,

with the Tennessee Titans believed to be
the club discussing the biggest offer.

...In addition to his signing bonus, Wake
would make $310,000 US as an NFL rookie.

Good for him. He'd be a great addition to any team. The CFL will miss him for now, but he may return someday.

I can't see him playing on the line in the NFL as he is only about 240lbs. DE in the NFL are bigger than DT in the CFL. I would imagine he may be used at LB and maybe used in a Laurence Taylor kind of way to blitz off the edge since he has great pass rushing skills.

If he signs with titans that would make me happy..

I'd love to see him go to the NFL. If we can't have him, why should they?? :stuck_out_tongue: That guy was in our backfield more than our running backs. :twisted:

I've heard that term "empty backfield". Didn't know it meant Hamilton's.

Thought the same thing myself… see Kevin Greene in Pittsburgh about a decade ago…

He'd play OLB ala Jeanty who signed in Cincy.