Wake me up...wake me up when September ends..

We played great tonight, the boys are ready for October....Bombers will have a say, in who represents the East...Go Bombers..hows that cfl forum...agree or disagree...

Ah! Who will be Mr. October? Have to get Milt a few td’s here.

....I agree the BBs will be in the thick of it as the regular season winds down....I thought they didn't play too badly last night....should've used Roberts more and your receivers need to hang onto everything thrown their way....it was a close one and entertaining to the end...if my boys stop Toronto again tonight your team hank is right there....

...on a side note, the next time I find myself with second and eighteen, the game winding down and this drive reaching 'critical' status, I am definately not going with the shovel pass.....

Its going to be close in the East, and any of the teams could finish anywhere from 1st to 3rd. I would say that it might come down to Toronto and Montreal for first and Winnipeg winding up 3rd. Toronto has two games against the Esks, and the Als have two against the Riders. Als and Argos play in the final week, and that could be a game to determine 1st place. The Bombers have played well, but with Glenn at QB they will likely wind up third.

Glenn stood in there last night n played a respectable game, with Armstrong joining the team and showing Superstar abilities Glenn will prosper....Go Bombers..

Armstrong was very impressive last night. Too bad about that one call where he pushed off on the guys facemask. That would have been a great reception/gain for the Bombers.

Armstrong is definately a good additon to the puzzle but you have one piece that does not fit to make it to the big game. For the answer ask pappa he will tell you! :lol:

armstrong as definately given glenn another big target to throw to which will aloow him to change things up but he had a pretty rough game last night. I think the bombers can keep on pace with TO and MTL and come out on top of the east.

I wanted t see stegall bring in the endzone pass in the first series that lead to a pass interference letting roberts run it in


Totally agree mate, Bombers are set and ready for October AND Novermeber! don't know if we will place 1st or 2nd in the East, but we will finsh up somewhere!