Wake is Rookie of the Year

For all y'all who thought that Moreno would beat Cam Wake for the Rookie of the Year Award, here's something you should note:

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&nid=20494]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=news ... &nid=20494[/url]

Moreno's not eligible. And even if he was, wake STILL would have won!


Wow I didn't know that, thanks bcl4l. Wouldn't have mattered anyways, it was Wake's to lose.

Game set and match.

hehehe. after seeing that list, it is Wake’s for sure. Not much bragging rights though.

“You won rookie of the year? Wow. Who’d you beat out?”

“Uh, no one. I won by default. The only other guy who was even noticeable was a kicker on the worst team in the league.”

Wake’s had a good year but this is by far one of the weakest rookie groups I’ve seen in years.

Yeah very weak

Wake could be up for defensive player of the year AND rookie of the year. Real weak eh.

This guy is a stud in the CFL. So much so that I'm afraid of him bolting to the NFL within the next year or so.

Will you use this argument if the Lions win the Grey Cup? Lions should win but not much bragging rights because of who they beat out? No one, they won by default.

I don't know boys John CHICK might be the guy I would pick.

RLR > I didn't say Wake was weak. I said the rookie pool was weak. Get it right. If he won D player of the year, then that would be something to really brag about.

And if the Lions win the cup, they will be full marks for it. There are at least 4 teams that are very strong and capable of winning every Sunday.

"Sometimes I worry about being a success in a mediocre world."

-Lily Tomlin

I believe that Cameron Wake, will likely be the Western Conference Finalist. However, when people look at it just isn't were his stats good for a rookie. Did his play/stats have a significant impact on the results of the team. Given, BC current defensive line up that is questionable. I suspect anyone with talent could have had a good results, as good as Wake, I don't think so but good results.

The Eastern COnference Finalist will likely be Nick Setta. A special teams player, a kicker. Has his impact been significant for the team. In a word yes. He has helped them keep some games close. He is consistent with a good average in punting. He may even win the scoring titel. Oh and don't forget to mention he has contributed with special teams tackles.

I don't think this is a done deal for Cameron Wake right now. In terms of players who have had a bigger impact on the team it would be N. Setta hands down.

I would have to disagree with you, Mikejth. I don't think that N.Setta will /should even be considered for Rookie of the Year considerations. He is a special teams player, which means he is only on the field a few plays a game. He isn't giving his all play after play. His contributions - although helpful - has not had a huge impact the ticats season. I just don't believe that a kicker should be considered for rookie of the year when you are going against someone who is playing almost every other down in a game. If this is all the Eastern Conference has to offer for Rookie of the year then I think it is a slam for Cameron Wake. .

While I will agree with you that special team players don't normally get considered and if they do, will normally lose out. That doesn't mean they shouldn't. I suspect the year that Frank Cutolo one it, it was as much for his special teams play as it was for his recieving yards. In 2005 Corey Holmes was nominated for Outstanding Play in the West as much for special teams play as it was his recieving and rushing.

I too think Cameron Wake is a slam dunk, for rookie of the year.

There are, however, a couple of contenders in the east.

Cam Hall, OLB, from the WPG Blue Bombers is one of them. He is 7th in the CFL in tackles and he has played very well in that front 7.

Randee Drew, CB, from the MTL alouettes is another. I don't know a lot about him, but from what I have heard in some of the games I have watched, he has been one of their best CBs.

But again, this award will go to Cameron Wake in my opinion.

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