Wake has as many sacks as Ti-Cats

I will gladly! Thump thump thump (me hitting my chest). Wake is the best. Best defensive player ever to play the game. Thump thump thump.

Wake is a good player. That being said, did anybody else notice how many times the guy purposly dropped at the quarterback's knees yesterday evening? I counted at least twice. In my opinion the refs need to be paying closer attention to that kind of stuff because that is what ends peoples careers.

And you had this eagle eye view from where? Your living room?

Please, don't do this, it's ridiculous....the guy flies all over the field, making diving tackles. "Purposely"....so what qualifies you to read someone's mind/intentions?

Sour grapes are not flattering at all.

Neither is denial. Someone should offer up some proof here, to either support or reject the claim.

Well I'd say that when someone's making an accusation about a player, they should probably provide something to back that up. The onus isn't to prove he DIDN'T, because it's a non issue to the refs/league/opposing team, etc.

Proof: http://www.cfl.ca/media/video/id/5260

Nothing there.

I really don't care who offers up some sort of proof...I can predict, though, with relative certainty, that without it, the claim goes back and forth in a most juvenile yes-he-did/no-he-didn't way, escalating into absolute garbage and name-calling (shocking, I know)...(edit - a three minute clip of a 60-minute game, while more than greenandwhite has offered, is hardly proof either way...)

This is utter BS. I don't know what is with you sask fans trying to always make any BC player out to be dirty. You really need to give it a rest because it makes you look like morons. Cam Wake is a class act, if he wanted to hurt any of the QBs he was up against there wouldn't be a healthy one in the league. He spends more time next to them than thier RBs.

Let's just assume you mean the low step walk he does to celebrate after he gets a sack or big tackle, and forget your silly little sour grapes comment.

How is that proof of anything... I watched the first 1:30, and I saw only one defensive play by B.C.; the rest was of B.C.`s offence.

I agree with jm, if we`re going to debate this, then someone, anyone, needs to provide some concrete proof, otherwise this is just going to lead to a juvenile argument.

No I think Wake deserves his Kudo's he's not a dirty player he is an awsome talent that we should all watch because I'm sure this will be his last year as a Lion , he will definatly be in the NFL next year , as far as the rest of the team goes they are a good Football team and are on a roll right now but anything can happen , IMO I think they have peaked to soon and may be on a downward slope come playoff time . just like last year did'nt they lose their last 2 reg season games.

Yikes, Deb is going to tear you a new one. They actually won their last 7 games last season.

A couple is two. Several is three to seven.


You make an issue out of something as silly as this, then whine how everyone is anti-BC........
Next time you wonder why.....think of this thread!

Here's where you're wrong: I corrected it...it is you people making an issue out of it.

And when my team's represented incorrectly, I'll fix it everytime...if you have a problem with that - it's your issue, not mine. I don't whine, I state facts.

And, let's see - in this thread alone 3 mods have banded together to make an issue out of this....really, is it necessary? I didn't break any rules, I simply corrected an incorrect statement about my team.

Despite how much it pleases some to slam the Lions at every opportunity, you simply can't lie in order to do so.

The Cam Wake garbage and this incorrect statement both have been defended by mods here. Which makes this site lose credibility...sour grapes is one thing but let's not make things up to paint a team in a negative light...get a grip people.

Here is one of the plays I was talking about. Go to tsn.ca/cfl. On the right side there will be highlights for the past week of games. Click on the Lions vs Tigercats. The play comes about a minute 46 into the clip. Now I know these things happen, and quite honestly I haven't really watched wake play at all that much this to determine whether he is dirty or not.

Have watched it, several times now, starting and stopping right up until the play's done.

Not only is it not true...HE DIDN'T EVEN MAKE CONTACT/GO ANYWHERE NEAR THE QB!!!...he was blocked and knocked to the ground and didn't make a tackle at all...he simply laid on the ground and looked at the QB???

Absolute garbage.

Then you probably shouldn't smear a player's reputation until you really have a case to. These are blurry (don't know how to capture a "screen shot", so I physically took these with my camera). This is the only play that shows Wake in the action and it runs from 1:41 on (until about 1:55)....not only did he get tackled, he never got anywhere NEAR the QB or made contact with him AT ALL. So it's one thing to see him in on a play and mistakenly think he did something dirty...it's disgusting to imply something in order to paint a player in a negative light when it's clearly not the case and there was no mistaking it. Wake doesn't need to play dirty...he's got enough heart, talent, quickness and athleticism to get the job done (and some). Try again.


(That's Wake in the foreground, getting knocked down)




Nope, Wake doesn't even go near him...he's laying there, looking at him....shame on you.

The fat that you corrected it at least 3 times means you have an issue with it.

I was unaware that you were the owner

What does the fact that we are mods have to do with anything? You love to play the mod card when you are called on something don't you? Funny how this is an international incident the the word several was used instead of twice that you had this uncontrollable urge to find a argument, but mods cant reply with your you playing the childish mop card....again.

A lie is a an untrue statement with the intent to deceive.....At worst it was a bad choice of words......get over it!
It doest please me to slam the lions.....I have a life.

Im sorry if the most important thing in your life is whether or not Calgary beat the lions twice or several times....... Again the next time that you wonder why there is this so-called anti-BC attitude.....go back and read your posts

Now either drop it, or your posts are deleted and the thread gets locked!

Why don't you lay off Ro? Everyone debates semantics around here, especially you. Everyone knows that. Deb does it and your gonna lock the tread and delete posts. She may be silly debating the several thing, but she has a valid point about mods allowing, actually seeming to invite debate about whether Cam Wake is trying to take peoples knees out.

May as well lock it anyway, thread was supposed to be about how dominant Cam Wake is, and it turns into a thread about how Calgary beat us, and Cam Wake is trying to injure people. Funny how you call people for being off topic in the Montreal vs Sask thread, but convieniently ignore that here. I'm not going to go as far as saying that moderation s.ucks around here because most are pretty fair. You certainly aren't though.

Wake is unbelievable, he's making the Johnson and Hunt look great when he's getting double and triple teamed. As a Rider fan I know that defenses can't win the games and I'm not totally convinced that BC's offense is going to get them the cup. For sure the Stamps and Als are the top teams right now.

To be honest, the stuff about whether or not Wake is dirty would be on topic, and several (should I go back and count before I use that word :stuck_out_tongue: ) have asked for evidence. Nothing concrete was provided, so we can all move on for now.