Wake has as many sacks as Ti-Cats

This is just awesome. Cam "bam bam" Wake has 18 sacks and Hamiton's entire team has 18 sacks.

Don't scoff Riders' fans, Cam has one less than your whole team and is hot on your tail since you probably won't run up your total against the Als tomorrow!

Lions dominance is starting to come to form and Wake will take us to the promised land!

Yeah, it's funny how the beginning of the season doesn't always set the tone for how it will end. We have so many things clicking right now that it's scary. And it's a good point in the season to be shaking out the cobwebs and finding the groove.

I think we're a force to reckon with alright. The team's fired up and having fun...Geroy is playing with such intensity and passion. Buck can't be held down. The defense is steamrolling through teams. Logan - wow, just wow. The guy's got wheels and seems to be gaining tons of confidence. The only concern I have is Clermont...still seems a little rattled to me - hope he's alright.

The West is a dogfight and nothing's been decided. I feel good about this thing.

Oh yeah, Wake lol. Can't find words to do him justice. He's a machine and I love his personality....he owns that field.

He is a great player. It will be interesting to see how close he gets to the record.

Wake is a stud, no doubt about it..but he wont win them a Cup on his own. As for Buck not being able to be held down, haha I think Mau Lloyd would have something to say about that! The lions are looking good now but I have also seen them look good going 11-0 and not resulting with the cup...Even as a Rider fan I still say Calgary will win it all. Just because you beat Hamilton twice with Porter at the helm does not make you elite nor does it mean you are hitting your "stride" November will determine that. I will be shocked if B.C makes it to Montreal....by the same token, I will also be shocked if my Riders make it..so this is not "trolling" , simply just my observation. I still believe this is Calgary's year...

Yet Calgary is different for beating Toronto twice with Pickett at the helm?

Who is this Cam Wake fella?

No, but they`ve beaten B.C. several times this season...

But on the subject of Wake, dude is a beast, plain and simple.

Wake is incredible. Expect him to be NFL bound soon.


Wake is good enough to tip the scales our way. He's going to be the first D player ever to win MOP. Lloyd, who would be a benchwarmer if he played for the Lions, got in one lucky hit. Not exactly what I would consider 'stopping' Buck Pierce. Hell even Hamilton got in one sack.

Wake is a monster though. It's not just the sacks that are impressive, it's the tackles. His speed is incredible for a guy his size. He runs down RBs no problem, and makes tackles in the backfield that other dline guys could only dream about. There's also the fact that since he is such a beast, he often needs to be double blocked, which opens things up for our other excellent guys like Johnson, Hunt, etc.

Even as a Esks fan I got to say Wake is very dominate , but I think the Lions not having a star QB will hurt them in the end , as far as Logan goes lets see how he handles the cold October / November weather on the praries.

18 sacks is just insane and pathetic.

Hey just because Logan doesn't have a mullett to keep him warm doesn't mean he'll freeze anymore than Ricky Ray's 105 lbs frame. Besides, the Lions will have home field by the end of the season so I'm not sure why it matters how cold it is in Regina or Edmonton?

Um, we also just beat your team in back to back games?

And, yes, we are "hitting our stride"....our defensive players are animals. Geroy's on fire and number one (again). Logan's a bat out of hell and starting to break loose on a fairly regular basis. Buck IS just fine, thanks...threw for 400 yards (twice) in the recent past. Etc., etc. But stay in denial...we like it that way.

Calgary's beat us 2/3 games this year...that's "several times"? C'mon, don't make up stories or speak of things that you're not clear on.

How is 2 games not several... Are you really going to get into an argument over semantics... Give me a break, Deb.

I don't think there are many people who would consider 2 "several". Even the dictionary states that it's more than 2 or 3.

I'm not arguing, I'm clarifying. When you speak of my team and get it wrong, I will do that. :slight_smile:

Well, my opologies, Deb. Lke I said, as if you`re going to debate semantics...

I agree the Stamps have beat us 'several times', however, this is a different team than when we lost to them. We'll see how things go in the playoffs, as I'm pretty sure we'll get the chance to see who is the better team then.

Here Chief, let me clear it up for you with an example:

Cameron Wake has several sacks this year.

Calgary has beat BC twice.

See?...it's easy.

Pity this has to be "debated" like this...anyone with half a brain could quite easily figure out what Chief was saying...talk about a waste of bandwidth...can we get back to people thumping their chests about Wake now?