Wake and Bake

Hello, People, So, the Camster now a Dolphin and already has 3 sacks, 1 forced fumble, and 7 tackles total. I checked the Dolphins depth chart and he is listed fourth in line for the position of WeakSideLinebacker. I also heard that CW has taken the spot of SLB Quentin Moses so I am not sure if he has a fixed roll there yet but as I read he has already earned a spot for now and as of today JT's shoulder is injured so he may be in for a while if he keeps playing as good as he has. I miss having Wakey play here but we seem to be coming together and have been showing signs of improvement now with Bucks leadership and never say die spirit we should be much better. Go Lions!!

Wake's stats came from a single game... Other than that he doesnt see the field.

Last week: 6 tackles, 3 sacks, 1 forced fumble. This week: back to the bench.

Somebody explain that to me. I'm sure if it wasnt for the difference in paycheques he'd be back up here in an instant to the fans that loved the guy.

You can't loose your job because of injury?

I am not a Dolphins fan and really don't follow them, so maybe their regular linebacker is out and like it was said he was down on the depth chart. Who knows why they make their decisions that they do. If Wake keeps playing the way he has it'll be difficult to not play him, but others might think it is too soon and he needs earn his keep before the big leagues.

I agree that you shouldn't lose your job to injury; But the guy gets you 3 sacks in a game and you don't find a way to put him on the field for more than 5 or 6 snaps the next week? Not even spelling off Porter or Taylor on the occasional obvious passing down to give them a rest?

Somebody please explain that to me like i'm a 5 year old because it doesnt make sense to me.