Wait, Wait it's coming???

Wait, wait CFL fans see if the Argo’s will cancel the game Thursday night against the Roughriders because of Rain? They cancelled their home opener tailgate party because of rain and now with the flooding you know this will probably be the next call for the Fair weather fans and people of Toronto? I live in the country and people out hear just shake their heads and wonder when a little rain hits, flooding, are they calling in the army like they did when they got 20cm of snow?

Look at the Ti-Cat game Sunday in Guelph did we have an indoor stadium to park our butts No, did we have the creature comforts of the Tax Payers centre in Toronto, No we had Alumni Stadium in a Monsoon? I’m waiting for the call to cancel Thursday nights game or after Thursday it will be we didn’t get enough fans in attendance because of the rain, excuses, excuses!!! If your going to the game, you can park your Kayak at the front door of the Rogers Centre??

do you know you end every sentence with a question mark ??????

I do not live in Toronto but I can certainly say that Toronto is dealing with more than "a little rain". Quite insensitive actually, peoples lives are upside down.

You do realize what happens when that much water comes down on that large a surface of mostly asphalt? Unlike in the country, where water tends to soak into the ground, or pool into ponds and creeks, in the city, it sits on top. Imagine pouring a cup of water onto a sponge, and then pouring the same amount of water onto a plate.

Hey Big Cat?

you only had 12,000 fans at the game?
Nothing really to be bragging about?

Oh? I'm with the guys above?
That was some serious sh!t that they are dealing with?

And sunday was hardly a monsoon?

Can you imagine the cement toilet filled with water and they can't find 'the handle'?

Argos has 17,240 more fans in the seats than there was in Guelph. That's thousands more than Guelph's capacity.

Hope everyone in Toronto and elsewhere affected by the flood is doing ok.

They could have zero fans show up for their next game and would still be ahead :wink:

They could have zero fans show up for their next game and would still be ahead :wink:

Bad, bad karma.
You're such an idiot. I know people who are in a bad way in TO. I hope your house is flooded one day and we can all laugh at your misfortune.
You posts are always a freaking' joke. Why don't you find another passtime :thdn:

X 2.