Wait 'til you hear what Lonnie's up to next

Lonnie Gliebermen was on The Team 1200 Sports radio this AM, and announced his next gimmic.
This one is to help raise money for the cheerleaders , er, dance team, to buy new outfits.

He's going to make a 30 minute movie about one of the cheerleaders who becomes possessed and systematically kills off one cheerleader at a time.
And after announcing this on the airwaves, he shamelessly puts in a cheap plug that it would make a great Christmas gift.
Apparently he did a similar thing at his Ski Resort in upper Michigan. (That's where he got his Mardi-gras idea).
Can you believe this??? :oops:

Eff-me!! :shock:

I had heard that he makes "movies" to promote their ski resort. And also that he was planning on making a movie for the Gades, but didn't hear the plot.

Who wouldn't want a nice cheerleader slasher flick for Christmas? Oh, right, I wouldn't......

Hopefully it doesn't cost more than a few dollars to make, I can't see it bringing in much cash.

roflmao.... This must come from Lonie bringing a cheerleader to his private office, telling her he'll make a star out of her...

Beside it shouldn't cost too much in make-up as some of the Rens' cheerleaders already look possessed.

And, quite honestly Supersmith, you must admit you at least have funny owners. When have you ever seen Robert Wettenhall or David Braley tell jokes.

Okay, with Lonie, its not jokes, its for real... but its funny nonetheless... no ?

you know what, at least he has the balls to try something different.

Balls is one thing Lonie doesnt lack. As for brains, Im not
so sure.

Lets hope he doesnt cost Ottawa a franchise.

Heres a an idea Loonie.......just use the money you are going to spend on making the movie and use some of it to buy new cheerleader outfits. You'll spend less and have new outfits. Is this guy an idiot or just obsessed with cherleaders.

Sounds like B-rated softcore porn to me :wink:

I might have seen it before... Hmmm :slight_smile:

Can I be the lead Actor? :lol:

I sssssssooooooooo want to murdered by one of the Chreeleaders!!! :wink:

That's hilarious!


Lonnie Glieberman: he is either an idiot savant, or a comic genius.

Someone needs to start a poll on that...

Wow! This is just getting low now, and pretty funny actually.

Kanga, if you get that role, I think Statik will postulate for the Killer-Chick part.

I vote for eliminating two of those four words…savant and genius!

I have a better idea for Loonie. Spend the money on some decent players. If he can put a good product on the field then the fans might come.

What a novel idea...quality football players for a team!


and Statik is going “oh yes! there will be blood” :lol:

I guess Loonie is walking proof of the Peter Principle......as long as there are cheerleaders, Loonie's Peter will be happy.

Apparently he's getting a head start on filming: heads are already starting to roll.

I want to go on record that this movie that the G's are going to do is the funninest thing of the year! LMFFAO!!!!!!!!

It appears that Lonie-esque similes are abound the Canadian media lately. In today's Calgary Sun [url]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Wrestling/2005/11/05/1293935.html[/url], pro wrestling writer TJ Madigan used this analogy in refering to a change of wrestlers (due to injury) in one of the matches at a recent WWE pay-per-view...

"(Edge) was replaced by Gene Snitsky, which is about as fair a trade as pulling Henry Burris from the Stampeders lineup and putting Barney the Dinosaur in his place to appease the fans."

If Lonie hears about this, how long til we get to see Kerry Joseph being benched in favour of the Gades mascot, Ruffy?

That would be beyond “fumblecrap”, that would be a leading candidate for the “Gleiber” Award, given to the most inane marketing concept of the year.

Previous winners include the Argos’ proposed pre-game wet t-shirt contests from a couple years back.