Wait a Second --- Weird Problems at New Stadium! [humor]

I should know... I was there.

First- the men's washrooms were chaos.
There was no trough in which to do one's (ahem) business.
Apparently we were supposed to use some shiny white things hung on the walls BUT... there were no instructions even!

And then were some different kind of shiny white things also hung on the walls that somebody said were sinks.
BUT... as much as we hopped up and down in front of them we couldn't get the sprinkler to work.

AND... again in the bathrooms --- there were even more and different shiny white things hung on the walls. AND THEY WERE THERE TO BLOW HOT AIR INTO THE ROOM ON AN ALREADY HOT DAY!!! UNBELIEVABLE.

Second, there's the scoreboard. Don't get me going about the scoreboard.
The whole game my wife and I were trying to figure out who had the ball but was there any little football shape on the scoreboard next to the team scores to let us know? NO! Then there was some little math symbol like this "<" cluttering up the spot where the little football was supposed to be... but who knows what THAT was for???

Finally... there's the pest control problem. I bet the Ticat management or the city staff won't admit to this but they need to send in the exterminators IMMEDIATELY!!! Almost everywhere we looked there were A*&0naut fans scuttling around in corners and dark spots. IT WAS HIDEOUS.

Horror stories everywhere. What a dark day for the franchise. All the naysayers were right.


Bravo, GREAT post Mark... thanks!!!


was thinking this was serious until the arhole commemt. :smiley:

Too funny. :smiley:


Oski Wee Wee,


And obviously the A/C unit wasn't working yet either.

Maybe damaged in the fire?

I learned that if you sit on the upper east level, you will get sunburned mostly on the left side of your face. Unlike the old north side at Ivor Wynne where your face got evenly burned facing into the sun. Looks like I will have to alternate from east to west side to get an even tan. Should have made a rotating stadium. New Stadium Problems.

The ticat staff did a great job for the time they had to set up for the game the only problem i have is with the stadium design of where the mens washrooms are placed all women washrooms in the middle and the mens on the ends .when you sit in the middle and at halftime when the concorse is full what a hell of a time to get to the potty

Irony is not a fully transferable concept, it would seem.

I heard the Washrooms were a huge problem at the new stadium, 15 and 20 minute line up's that fans complained about to get in are unacceptable, many fans asked if there will be more washrooms opened in the near future or is this it, because if it is, the Ti-Cats are in big trouble for their fans?

Is that a serious comment or more joking around like the rest of this thread? I didn't find any issue with the washrooms. Just for fun, I tried one of the relabeled Mens washrooms that had all stalls and no urinals (the aforementioned Womens washroom in the middle of the west concourse) and I also tried a Mens washroom (with proper urinals for men to use) further down closer to the Beechwood end and neither were busy. I guess this wasn't your experience but what you heard from someone else. I'm wondering if it was just the crush at halftime. I went during the game at various times, but not at halftime.

Friends, before you post a complaint or problem with the stadium here, please note that this is meant as a humourous thread that actually praises the efforts of the 'Cats. By posting the opposite - a complaint or problem - you are actually opening a different topic and one that is at odds with the purpose of what you have been reading.

May I invite you to start your own thread - easy to see and specific of purpose - to address your issues.

And if we go from the sublime to the ridiculous, may we ask the mods to lock this thread that I started as it makes the inevitable slide from satirical humour to something else entirely (Law of the Internet #17b) ? Let's catch it early. It was fun while it lasted. :smiley: And it's probably done anyway.

Sarcasm doesn't translate well without emoticons.

So a better title for this thread might have been: "Wait a Second --- Horrible Problems at New Stadium! Ha Ha! Not really!"

Incidentally, that title wouldn't have made the thread any less funny.

You beat me to it. :slight_smile:

I think even Sheldon, from Big Bang Theory, would have caught on to Mark's sarcasm no later than the fourth line of his thread-starting post.

I was disappointed I had to line up for all of five minutes at halftime to go pee. I assumed since I was in the last row that there would be a trough behind me that I could simply turn and pee into, with portable screens that I should have been able to pull up from my arm rests to provide a little privacy as I relieved myself.

Hard to believe in this day and age they build stadiums that don't have personalized washroom facilities on demand at your seat. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is funny on so many levels! :lol:

Well done Mark!

Yes Mark, you cooked up exactly what the doctor ordered! Right ON THE MARK!


I liked your original post too much to lock this thread, but I did modify the title so, as you requested, people with complaints wouldn’t mistakenly post them here.

ps. If anyone did have any real problem at the stadium yesterday we do want to hear about them. It is a brand new stadium to us too, so it is going to take us a while to set it up properly. Please call: (905) 547-CATS.


I had a hard time finding my seat,some joker must have taken the magic marker seat number off of it. :cowboy:Not only
that but they also took my bench seating away and replaced it with an actual chair that you could fold down and sit
on, what is this world coming to ? unbelievable !!!! The nerve of some people.....taking away my nice comfy bench(slivers n all)
I mean seriously how do they expect any us to find our seats without the magic marker number on them !!!!!
Get on this problem right away Caretaker,with all the back to school items on sale,I'm sure you can find it in your budget
to go out and buy some brand new Sharpie Magic Markers.....don't be so cheap :slight_smile: I and many others need to figure out
where we are sitting and the old magic marker numbers were much easier to read than finding some silly fold down chair. :smiley: :cowboy: