waht would happen if ottawa lost the rens'

i think they should move em to halifax.

the rens wre always in a bad situation

no...u move them to QC, and give halifax and expansion team.

the gades could play at PEPS stadium for 2 years or so, while they convince the governments to approve funding for a new 30-35K stadium in a better location.

this way, if halifax gets a stadium from a CG win, they get a new team, and we have 10 teams.

The diehard fans would be sad....The so-so fans would yawn, and life would go on!

Lets hope a miracle can turn things around in the Capital city.

Ottawa would look like fools.

you know, I'm starting to think that this whole trouble is a ploy to get the 100th GC played there or any GC back there to "save" the team and give the economy a shot in the arm.

I'd really hate to see QC get a team like that, they should go for the NHL.

I don't see Ottawa getting a Grey Cup UNTIL they demonstrate STABILLITY first.

with the gades - being the only CFL weak link - moving to QC, the league would be strong and healthy in every city which has a team.

QC and Montreal would have sell-outs every game, giving the CFL total control over Quebec. hamilton and toronto are getting closer to sell-outs every season. CFL has a strong grip on alberta, and the praries, and is growing in vancouver…and once they get in halifax, the CFL will have control over atlantic canada.

if the gades dont turn things around this season, they will be what the media focuses on in '07 ( torontos grey cup year ), as the black eye on the league. and they will use that one small flaw, and blow it up, calling the 10K in attendance for Gades games BUSH LEAGUE.

but 20K sold-out in PEPS stadium every game looks good on the league.

but a decision to move the Gades to QC should not come b4 knowing if halifax gets the Commonwealth games.

Ottawa is kinda like the secord Quebec CFL team right now if you think about it.

oh man....enough about this topic!!! I'm begging everyone, absolutely begging.....

Then the sports fans of Ottawa can focus their attention to berating management and p!ssing all over the Senators organization for not winning a Stanley Cup since 1927, of course ...


Now there's a fair comparison. :roll:

Hmmm...Staik is probably right.

Although the Sens might have a chance if the Leafs miss the playoffs! :wink:

Correct me if i'm wrong - But Isn't that using the same logic you used when saying that the Ottawa Renegades/Rough Riders haven't had a winning season in 30 years? Yet the Renegades have only existed for 4 seasons?
Same thing with the Senators ... we all know they haven't been around for 79 seasons. THUS - Its funny (kinda).

Here in my little sheep world, induced by my drugged up smokey daze, on my way to the loonie-bin ... I came up with that little piece of humor ... enjoy.


hope the gades win the GC BEFORE the Sens win the SC.

no way the sens are going to win the SC b4 the rens win the GC

they'll have plenty of time.

I'm not a huge Senators fan, I mean, is that what you call ALL the members at parliment?

and I prefer Renegades, cool name, like a combination of Vonguyers and Rough Riders IMO, manybe more teams, and it reps the movement to make Ottawa-Hull-Gunitea into a seperate National Capital Regoin District.

ottawa doesnt deserve to host the 100th GC it has to be a legendary team a very old team not some team that has been around for 4 years

I say Toronto, cuz they have done so many over the last 100 years, only right that they should get the 100th. Plus a bigger population and close to Kingston.

Toronto, Montreal or Edmonton....if it is Montreal, then the Big O needs to borrow the good Turf from someone, and reconfigure the seating for better sightlines.

Edmonto will get 2008, which is another big season cuz it will be the CFL (as we know it now) 50th season.

Montreal I'd like to see them get 2010 or 2013