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Quit your whining already Peg fans, you DID NOT lose because of the refs, you lost because the Als are just better than you. Is that fact so hard to admit? Yeah I agree, the refs made some bad calls in this game but all you peg fans seem to forget that the refs also blew a call that should have been a montreal td.

Once again, you CANT blame this game on the refs, because right now it makes you all look like sore losers. Go grab some kleenex, suck it up, and admit that the Als are your daddy.


the refs still deserve to be fired, you're obviously a bandwaggon fan because if you knew anything about football you'd realize their were terrible calls going both ways.

bring all your friends habals, we need more good conversationalists like yourself on here......

The officials ruined what should have been a great game, its has to be one the worst officiated games in CFL history.

oh boy, getting call out by an guy that wants to have his swear words up by missing a letter, I'm very hurt.:roll:

agreed, what should have been a great game, and a win by Montreal, was compelty ruined tonight by the refs.

Once again Ill say that the refs did play a factor in the outcome of the game but im not oblivious to the fact that the Als are a better team than us. Happy?

This game is nothing to ride home about if your an Als fan and I know a win is a win. Funny how we had more total yards than you guys but lost by 28 points.

I don't hear much crying from Bomber fans. Most are more than willing to admit that we would have lost regardless of refs. However saying this was not an atrociously officiated game is pure ignorance.

IN OUE HOUSE TOO!!! it's an atrocity!

did u notice hes only made 7 posts?


It couldnt possibly be that I just found this site a week ago? Noo thats impossible.

Habals you are meeting the stooge Bomber fans so do not take it to bad! These guys play their playstation games and their experts! :lol:
Earth to Bomber fans Earth to Bomber fans oh right they crashed! :lol:
You will find that Pigseye, Hankthetank and Papa are the ral fans of the Bombers the other they are just a joke. You are right if you have to complain about the ref's your team is not good enough to win this week. The Almighty Als kicked their butts! :lol:

yeah we lost. bad. but a lot of it in my personal opinion had to do with our roster changes and injuries. the reffing wasn't the greatest either (in both parts, some more than others) but it's only one game, and it's early in the season.

Good post! This by far is the most logic post by a Bomber fan tonight! Congradulations!
The fact is the refs are not in a popularity contest. They make judgement calls. One side will not be in favor of the those calls. So again if your coaches bleieve they were wronged by a call! Then that tells what kind of coach they are. Guess what they will be the most penalized team by year end just because these two class less idiots could not control themselves. You can bet the ref's will make more calls on them now. Good coaching has self control and yyou are to be an example of how your players should act in a game. This example is a total embarassment to the Bomber team.

earth to rw2005, stamps lost to hamilton, yes hamilton :lol: the crappiest teamin the league. and to the esks, who we crushed. bombers trample stamps

What some one lift a rock I hearsomething crawling! The Tiger Cats are not tyhe worst team in the league the Bombers are! 44 to 16
The Bombers are what 2nd place the Stamps are what 1st! Kill any puppies lately! Now do as your mom said go to bed! :lol:

ticats are the worst, cept for maybe the stamps, who the ticats managed to beat. was burris injured for that game or did you guys lose on an even playing field? if you did thats pathetic, a highschool team could beat the ticats :lol:

Yawn! Boring come up with something new! The Stamps are first in the west! Bombers are a distant second to the Als only because the Argos first string QB did not play in both games with the Bombers otherwise the record for the bombers could be much like the developing Tiger Cats. :lol:

bombers are tied with the stamps. nuff said. 3-2 each

Looks loke these boards are heating up . Time to sit back and read the entertainment. Nothing like childish arguing for a good laugh