Wagjag tickets for Argo/Ti-Cat game, 35% off


I bought this earlier, cant go wrong with tickets under $20, buy the cheap ones and move around there will be a ton of room. The only thing I realized after I bought them is that you need to go pick them up, the place is only about a 9 min walk from the Dome but its still something if your running late.

Is the WagJag offer for single ticket purchases only?
The GF will not be pleased if the tix are not seated together. (or perhaps she will be pleased..) :o

anyone know if 2 seats can be purchased in one transaction?


You buy vouchers, and then you go to the ticket broker's office at King & Spadina and trade exchange the vouchers for tickets.

When you buy the vouchers, you are not assigned any seats until you redeem them for the tickets.

I assume they'd be together. I'd call to make sure that if you bought X amount of vouchers, that they'd reserve x amount of seats together for you.

thanks Cap'n!

much obliged. :thup:

It says max one per person but then unlimited gifts. Im assuming this to mean when you cash the voucher for a ticket you can only do that one per person so you and your gf will both need to be there. I bought 2 so im just going to swing by with my buddy to pick them up.