i was listening to CJOB at lunch and they announced that he was retiring after 11 seasons with the Bombers. i'm gonna miss him. :frowning:

i don't think it's a retirement. no one wants to sign him so he just gave up

...As a local guy with the rah rah spirit he had for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers....I think the fans are gonna miss him......as a talented football player.....NOT.....good luck Wade.. :!:

never heard of him that much anyway

when milt retires lots of tears will drop!

Got to hand it to Wade Miller, stuck around Bomber land for a long time..
He rocked on special teams and would do anything for the Blue n Gold..
Hats off to Wade, good luck in the future....

well wade probably hung around 5 years too long but the guy worked his butt off..........changes were needed and a guy like wade really didnt bring that much to the table anymore.........

happy retirement, this will not hurt the BBs this season right?

...no Kanga...it was time for Wade to hang em up......whoever we add to the team to take his place will be an improvement....just another sign this club is definitely on the way back... :arrow: