Wade Miller is the Man...

....Finally something to get positive about....I'm really glad that they've finally removed the 'acting' CEO from Millers title...If he can't turn this club around then I don't know who can...He has all of the moxey and business know-how that this team desperately needs.... Local guy that does not pull any punches and KNOWS the league very well...It'll take time to get this team back to a contender BUT definitely we're on our way with this latest announcement...His latest comments on what his intentions for the club are in 2014....His reply was ...'keep tuned, you won't know it'...Big changes coming and a good man to have at this crucial time :thup:

I really hope he turns it around for you guys. He needs to stop the revolving door of Coaches. He needs to upgrade his Canadian Talent. He need to get a Bonafide QB to start.

You Bomber fans deserve better than the three ring circus of the last couple of years.

Well it is the first of what I'm sure will be many changes this offseason in Winnipeg (and boy, are lots of changes ever needed).

As all longtime posters here will no doubt realise, my CFL predictions aren't worth very much.

But I at least got one right. At the season opener this year, we had drinks with Paul Friesen one evening, and I recall telling him that I thought that the upcoming 2013 season in Winnipeg was going to be a train wreck. How right I turned out to be (although to be honest I don't think I saw it turning out to be quite as bad as it did).

So onward and upward for 2014; it can't get any worse, can it ?

OK Jack, since you got last year right, what's your prediction for next year ? Are we going to the Cup or what ? :lol:

LOL, Dan, ask me in the spring!

…I’d be more interested in what MJs’ prediction and take on who will be the coaches on this club…??? :wink:

My guess…(I hate guessing but here goes)…As soon as the Riders are finished :wink: we will be talking to Khari Jones about a position with the team…(rumours are getting hot and heavy that he’ll be interviewed for head coach)…I get the feeling Burke will be asked to remain as dc ( he may not accept)…Dickenson will remain ST co-ordinator and Creehan will be demoted to LB coach or seek employment elsewhere…Just my take on a few changes that will occur…What say you MJ… :roll:

That sounds right on to me. Oh, and Walters will either be GM or AGM.

From what we have seen of Walters; he seems like a decent character I wouldn't mind giving him a shot. I hope we get a decent head coach and with that we figure out our QB situation.

As well of course as the rest of the postitions; since we need improvement in many of them.