Wade Miller: Biggest Decision of his life

Closing the Rum Hut at half-time. Prolly cost the club over $100,000

Of course I jest - the decision was automatic and Miller (and the club and province which funds it) would have faced tremendous liability if something bad would have transpired.

Rod Black & his slow-talkin' sidekick were about as insufferable as they've ever been - the height of it was schmoozing w/ Ambrosie while changes of possession were happening on the field. As everyone knows Rotten Roddy can't watch ball& chew gum at the same time!

Good word in for CFL.ca's Brody Lawson. She's amazing. Best new media personality in CFL since Dunigan debuted on TSN casts. Heard her on CBC in the morning - great understanding of the game - fearless in terms of ideas. Hope she's allowed to advance in the closed-minded world of TSN/Bell.

Lots of angst on bomber board re: Richie Hall. Worst comment is how O'Shea lets him off the hook and says his defense played well. With O'Shea, who is immune from rocking the boat "Everyone is always playing/coaching/managing well". Only way O'Shea relieves Hall of duties is if a higher power (Wad Miller) does it for him. O'Shea would prefer not to lose his job - cuz at this point he's easily the worst tactical coach in the league - and I can't see him getting another CFL head coach job, even at only 47/48 - decent assistant though!

…...Besides a great effort by our new qb. (the kid looked great)...the weapons we have to work with this year are tremendous....That's the positive....and now the negative....Ritchie Hall...I'm sick and tired of people making excuses for him...His defence schemes are crap and out of date...You can't play a soft secondary and look when playing a guy like Riley....He'll butcher you and he did....500 yds. and O'Shea thinks that's acceptable??...That's the same bull$hit we had last year....IT AIN'T GOOD ENOUGH....They have one great receiver in Walker..... together with Riley they butchered us and we had no answer...Not good enough Hall.....O'Shea has held on to this guy too long and I'm saying right now this is going to cost us another season if it's not corrected....Mike O' said in the off season he'd have a hand in the D if warranted...He better start....That game was quite winnable even in those terrible weather conditions, IF our D ( especially the secondary) would have stopped one of those late drives....NOT ACCEPTABLE

O'Shea thinks he's protecting a fellow marine but instead he's enabling him.

Heck, this ain't the marines. This is pro football.

Only way O'Shea makes a move on Hall is if he's told to - by a higher authority, alternative being both Hall & O'Shea are dispatched to the Value Village training centre!

I disagree Walker is their only big threat WR. The Duke is pretty darn good - both guys can go up and fetch Reilly's tremendous hoists over our game but smallish defenders. Esks powering up Behar - the guy we should have had a couple drafts back. Nate Behar will be a gooder!

also didn;t take much to O'Shea/Plop ordering Streveler to do 2 straight air balls to the open flank. First play should have been a Harris or Demski run - try to get 4 to 6 yds., set up a 2nd & short and kill 20 to 25 sec. off the clock.

Streveler was having trouble throwing thru Esk d'line hands so he lofted short passes up for grabs. I think Dressler & Demski (if I'm not mistaken) should have been able to hang onto those catastrophic throws, coming back. . . . . that said - very little chance Reilly allows himself to lose in OT. He's got two benefits in OT:

  1. Hall's meek 'n timid defense
  2. Streveler trying to figure out a press defense and having major problems!

Esks prolly win on 1st possession - 2 or 3 plays to score a TD

I expected Edmonton to win this game... actually by more than they did. I can't blame Ritchie Hall because Mike Reilly is a great QB. Mike Reilly can make ANY Defence and DC look normal. The Bombers were in the game, to the very end, despite a rookie QB throwing for less than 200 yards and two INTs. Yes , he also threw for three TDs. Edmonton had a nine minute advantage in TOP, a wet field to work with, which probably favored the Offences, and the Eskimoe players made some great plays. Ritchie Hall schemes ?, I think not, that was MOP Mike Lowry... I mean Mike Reilly. They both carry Guns, I got confused.

Welcome JTea. It sure is nice to see more common sense in this forum. Good post.
If we had lost to a struggling team, I could see the need for concern but this EE team was firing on all cylinders and it took a last minute FG to beat us. A fine showing on our part. If there is such a thing as a good loss, this game is a perfect example.

Truth. Most people expected an Eskimo blowout. Forcing them to the last seconds of the game to pull out the W is a minor win for the Bombers, but it sucks to lose the game we were in control of.

The Bomber D is a source of frustration. All those big "explosion" plays we keep giving up. The last few years you'd see a breakdown in our secondary D and a wide open receiver rack up big yards. You didn't see a lot of the Esks receivers get that much separation until the 4thQ, and on most of the big plays the Bomber defender was right there with the receiver, just didn't get a hand on the ball. Take the 101 yard play in the 1st Q to Walker, as you clearly see on the video Randle was there but his attempt to bat down the ball was ahead of where the ball landed. Gaitor had his hand in Behar's face on the tying TD but couldn't strip the ball. It's frustrating that our D couldn't make those plays, but I think that's the difference between a MOP like Reilly and a rookie like Streveler. The MOP is capable of getting the ball into his receivers hands in tight windows with a high success rate. Thankfully there are only a few QBs of Reilly's ability in the CFL.

Now the Bombers are going to have another huge decision in a couple weeks. Strevler or Nichols when he gets back. The new kid is looking like the real deal and could be a franchise Q.B. the league hasn't seen in a while.

…..Caught a lot of the Ham./Edm. game last night and I'll stick with my assessment of a 'great' receiver...cuz the Duke didn't light up anything last night except maybe a stogie at the end of the game....Walker on the other hand was his great self...Sorry to disagree Lyle but that's the way I sees it...Hazelton ain't bad...not great either...I do agree Behar will develop into something pretty good...Without Reilly though....schmoes would be very average to poor

We both agree on Reilly. To put it in perspective here's the projects schmoes record for other QB in place of Magic Mike:

  • Drew Willy - 5-13
    -Kevin Glenn - 8-10
  • Ricky Ray - 9-9
  • Jerry Masoli - 10-8
  • Matt Nichols - 9-9
  • Travos Lulay - 7-11
  • B-L Mitchell - 11-7
  • Brando Bridge - 7-11
  • Trevor Harris - 10-8
  • James Frankln - 9-9

Richie Hall must be fired...(retroactive to 2016).