Wade Hemsworth wites on "PigSkin Pete"....

A wonderful piece and I enjoyed reading it over my morning coffee!

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And by the way, I think the new contest they have on the ticats.ca homepage to select a new "Pigskin Pete" is a great idea and looks like fun too! I can hardly wait to see the videos of the hopefuls (I see they already have some entries)....Good Luck to everyone who enters the challenge. :smiley:

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Great article! And, not once did he say that Pigskin was cheering for the 'Bengals'.

Geee, the ABC news affiliate in Raleigh/Durham/Fayetteville, North Carolina even picked up Wade's article on Pigskin Pete.

Very nice.

[url=http://abclocal.go.com/wtvd/story?section=sports&id=4660171]http://abclocal.go.com/wtvd/story?secti ... id=4660171[/url]

oh...except ABC said that the Cats had 3 wins, when it's really 4. :roll:

I never knew he started out life as Little Pigskin Petey cheering for the Alouettes! Can you imagine how he would have stood out at the Montreal games, with his little bowler hat and the little #6 Ticat jersey.

Congrats to Pigskin Pete...a great tradition for the team and the league.

I nominate Bob for the new Pigskin Pete...he needs something to do beside being the Caretaker...and besides that he would look good in a bowler hat. :slight_smile:

Great column on a great guy.

By a great writer that the Spec should put back on the Cat beat ASAP.

All the Best "Pete" :thup:

pigskin pete even had an article on espn.com, this guy is going bigtime, you might even see him on letterman, lol.

Great story, Wade! Amazing: only 3 "Petes" since the 'twenties. A great tradition indeed, and I am glad the team is carrying it onward.