WADA's Pound turns attention to CFL


Has Dick Pound Got Nothing Better to do the Go after The CFL .. Note to Dick Stay in England Eat and Drink your Tea and Crumpets.. Butt out of the CFL..

This league Operating Budgets are too Small to due Drug tests Hell we can Barley add a Sallary Cap for next season

It will Cost Millions to Drug Test Players
it will Bankrupt our League ..
Shame Shame Shame out you ..This is the CFL
Not The NFL MLB NHL NBA Who have the money to do it.

This man is Canadian I say He Should Become English..
And Never Return To Canada Shame on Him...

Wow, someone seems to harbour anti-British sentiment.

Of course, the CFL needs to address the issue of performance-enhancing substances. Just what those measures should be is up to the Board but to use money as an excuse is not acceptable.

I'm tired of Pound's shtick. Of course no one in his right mind would endorse the use of performance enhancing drugs but this guy just seems to fire off shots against this league or that one, this athlete or that one on not much more than a personal whim. Just like his criticism of the NHL last season, he never backs up his statements with any details or evidence.

He used a thinly veiled reference to Ricky Williams and his use of marijuana. Big deal. I'm sure that lots of CFL players smoke marijuana--so what? He's lost his sense of proportion (if he ever had any).

An Argo fan

I can't wait for this sad old man to turn his attention to the LPGA and claim breast implants and short skirts are unfairly creating a fan following.

I think he does have a point to a certain extent. Kids do look up to these players.

Dick Pound is like Don Quixote.

Pound has read so many stories about athletes who use steroids
so like the half-mad, confused Don Quixote, he has set out
'tilting at windmills' in his own mad pursuit of injustice.

Here is an article in the Washington Post
in which Sally Jenkins gives her opinion of him

She calls him a phony careerist and human necktie
who should promptly remove himself from public life

and quit trying to enlarge his reputation
by wrecking the reputations of others.

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Ironically, the adjective "quixotic"
derived from Don Quixote's's name,
means "idealistic and impractical",

Fittingly, the expressions "tilting at windmills"
and "fighting windmills" come from this story.

After seeing the news this aft, I can see exactly what Pound is up to. He has a new book he's flogging and this instantly gets his name in print, on the radio and tv. The man knows no shame.

An Argo fan