W-E-I-R-D point spread

Ravens@Denver.Who drew up these odds?The Sierra Club?!?!(They're supposed to have a thing or two about mountains,aren't they?)I've got an estranged brother who's supposed to be living somewhere in the vicinity of Boulder,but I don't think that sob could have anything to do with it.So what gives?Is Ray Lewis injured or what?Is he not even a factor anymore?The Mile High jinx doesn't even apply nowadays does it?They've lost a bunch up there haven't they?So why are the Broncos favoured by 3 and a half?(On the web 5 and a half!)I just don't get it man!It can't be because of Plummer either...every time I see him he's throwing int's all over the place....hmmmm....puzzled at the foot of OUR mountain.And if I don't get an answer real soon I'm gonna go throw myself offa it too,okay?So there!Take that!Hows about them apples!I'll give you a "spread"alright!Right at the bottom of the Sherman!So lets get with it,okay!

what this got to do wid da ticats??

Actually, the odds makers will give a home team three points anyways. Just for the fact that they are at home. So, really, the Bronco's are only a half point favourite....That said, I'd still pick the Bronco's and give up the 3 1/2.

i had the ravens pegged for that game as a home dog... wonder how it turned out....

really should check that.


Your rant has become much more funny now. Hope you didnt bet too much on the Ravens!

thankfully i never play proline....

When its the Ravens, who cares who wins just bet the under.

Oooops!...I was wondering what happened to this....seriously....I was just about to accuse the mods of being a bunch of insipid wastrels(they aren't by the way are they?)....but believe you me, I in NO WAY wanted this post to end up on this particular forum...I fully intended the folks over on the other leagues forum to be the lucky benefactors! I apologise if I've disrupted Ticats chat.Honestly.As for the Ravens,let me say first that I am NOT advocating gambling on here!(Why would I?I've probably lost more than I'll ever win.)But alas yes I did bet on them.("Nevermore!Nevermore!")I thought that if I didn't win the pools with Denver that I could at least cover myself.It was a win-win situation.I literally bounced down to the Anytime in the morning....83 BUCKS!?!?GROCERY MONEY!! I prayed in the toilet for THIS?! I can now take my nephew on that little choo-choo train that goes from Cootes to pier 8 forty two and a half times,(43 if I throw in an extra dollar.)Great!Just what I've always wanted.

Just for the record,it should read,"....lucky beneficiaries",not "benefactors",if that helps.