W e are being censored big time on these forums....

I must agree that this site has too much censorship. My Barrenchea account has been banned for god knows how long because of a few choice words i made in a thread referring to Kennith Peters. I dserved it but i would at least like to know how long im banned for lol. and we lost cause auggie didnt start haha

Dyslexics of the world untie!

It matters because we are ti-cat fans that see some very disturbing turn of events in this team and forums....maybe the ti-cat brass sense that the tides of fans are slowly jumping ship and they need to keep these forums under wraps to prevent muntiny....Just my 2 cents worth...

Well, the answer to that question may be in Bob's post to another thread on this topic. You can clcik here to read his post in that thread. He seemed to imply that Adam Provost was the one who oversees moderation. It was in that same post that Bob said there was still work to be done when it comes to moderation. That is a good sign to see that this is being acknowledged, but I would prefer to at least hear some explanations of some actions that are taken. For example, I'm not sure why invidiuals posts rather than entire threads which sometimes contain good posts are removed.

Bob wrote:

"But I'm glad to see Adam Provost of the Ticats office acknowledging that our recent moderating practices have not been up to the standards of better forum management. We'll keep working on it. "

I'm assuming Adam is the responsible person re moderation, though you can't read into what Bob wrote except that he was pleased Adam was on the case.

Nothing came back to my thread, which I added to earlier tonight. I hope we get some answers. As BYF mentions, the gutting of threads that have valuable individual contributions is unfortunate. It smacks of running amuck.

Oski Wee Wee,

I’ve just had 3 posts censored.

I can't find the Yeast Cut Thread..
did they Delete it ?

Um, yup. There were some petty inter-member squabbles going on. Feel free to restart a new one, but please leave each other out of it.


The suckers who pay money to watch this pathetic team should go to one big therapy session. How's about holding a session after the next Ti-Cat home game? Think about it.