Vuvuzelas on sale at IW for $8.00? These insidious instruments have been banned all over the world after the WC. Even Dana White banned them from UFC Mixed Martial Arts events. Honey, hand me a Tylenol. I have a migrane.

three points:

I think they were here at CFL games long before we heard about them in soccer.

I call them horns ........... not that goofy name we heard at the World Cup

They sound like a moose so they must be Canadian

three points:

The Ticats have them advertised as Vuvuzelas not horns.

The sport where you kick a checkered ball into a net is called football, not that goofy name soccer we hear in North America.

Their sound is akin to a toddler throwing a temper tantrum in your ear at a library! :wink:

They would really fit in well at mixed marshal arts events, cave men beating each other over the head and love sick moose moaning in the background, doesn't get any better than that.

3 things to watch
(Sep 4, 2010)

[b]1. Bring the Noise

Ivor Wynne will be filled to the brim with rabid fans for Labour Day, giving the Ticats a real home-field advantage as long as Hamilton does enough early to keep the crowd in it. But the Argos practised with piped noise this week -- a couple of giant speakers loaded on a golf cart -- as they tried to prepare themselves for the audio onslaught.[/b]

  1. New Faces, New Places

The Argos have brought in a raft of new bodies since these two teams last met on Aug. 20, as they've been hit with some injuries and are looking to upgrade at certain positions. How fast those players can pick up the Argos' systems will likely be a factor. The Ticats, meanwhile, have made comparatively few lineup changes.

  1. Where Is Jimenez?

Signed in the offseason to toughen the Ticat offensive line, right tackle Jason Jimenez has missed the entire regular season to this point with a knee injury. If he comes back this week -- head coach Marcel Bellefeuille won't decide until tomorrow -- he could make a significant difference in the Cats on-again off-again running game.

I thought that too. But I got an email a while ago from TiCats advertising both vuvuzelas and horns at $8.00 and $10.00 respectively. I brought this up somewhere else, and someone told me that the horns are larger, and thus have a lower pitch. They also aren't blown constantly like those things on the World Cup.