vs Winnipeg

Will be a dandy of a game against Winnipeg in the new stadium, so intrigued by the game last week. The Montreal FG kicker also missed from the 45 going the other way, so now I don't feel so bad when the Rider kicker missed his 45 yard attempt.

A LOT of kickers missed “gimme” kicks last week (Paredes, Long, etc.), so giving Crapigna a pass week 1.

I am optimistic that we come out with a 'W' against the Pig.

Go Riders Go

45 is hardly a gimme but one you hope to make most times. Craps has been pretty good and I think hit a 50+ walkoff last season...he has been pretty reliable for the most part....the wind bested him.

No matter what happened in that game they put themselves in a position to win it and at the end of the day asking for a
longer but reasonable FG to win it...most will take that.

Will be interesting seeing as these teams met in preseason...remember that Rider 1s and 2s got the better of the Bombers pretty consistently...it was the 3rds of the Bombers and Bennett that changed that game. Most of those guys are no longer with either club.

If they put the heat on like they did in that game I expect good results. If they apply pressure only about 1% of the time like last week it might be a different story. Nichols is a QB that I would want to be in his face as much as possible. The secondary played "ok" last week (some drops made them look better than they were) but the front of the D was pushing into coverage most downs and it saw a pile of 3 man fronts....I don't mind the 3 man fronts....they have the DL to do some of that this year unlike last...but they still needs to mix in more rush packages with it than last week...which I would assume would be seen after a full week of practice as opposed to 1 day and a walk through.

I was actually referring to the shorter ones that Paredes and Long missed.

Muamba likely out for game...been in and out of practice this week.

cancel that....Muamba on the 6 (knee)...ouch

I see Sam E is back and will be starting in his place...ratio loss and new to the spot. interesting. I expect to see Grondin get some looks for ratio flex. Very interesting that they took Gaydosh off with 46 with a key ratio guy out as playing 2 NI DT is an option. Bagg is back...expecting him to see lighter reps or even not make the 44...should see this happen with LaFrance next week. Hect is now listed above Edem on the depth chart...not sure if that means anything.

Tull not on the depth chart :?


3 down lineman way too much.
Key to this game was pressure.
Whenever they applied it they had success...the simply didn't apply frequently enough.

I've rarely been this disgusted with a coach.

Lol you should check out RF. The pitch forks are being sharpened to needle like points. Yeah the defensive scheme just plain sucked. Dropping 9? Really a WTF moment and still getting burned. Offensive scheme not much better either. Glen had 50 pass attempts. Yes 50 so much for a more balance attack.

Sure Craps should have made the kick but honestly if Nichols was sharp in the first half and I doubt it would have gotten to OT. Glenn was Glenn. Some good plays and then thrown in a couple of bad picks. Still if you put up 40 and walk away with a L in the standings your in trouble.

de ja vous of 15?

Totally disagree, we lost this in the 3rd quarter, our D had a complete break down, hell Dressler had no one around him. Had a 20 yard buffer, blame the kicker.... not... the D lost this game. I will be surprised if we win 5 games this year. Our D still sucks.

I guess there's a reason Calgary traded him, but I think when the defence lets 43 points get scored, it's hard to win any games, Nichols just warmed up in the first half and what dressler lacks in height , he sure makes up in speed and smarts.

I would like to see the other q.b.get some playing time as soon as he's ready, even a quarter or half in some spot duty ,to help bring him along, so we're not stuck if glen gets knocked out for a bit .

Well 2 close games not won. The teams aren't going to get easier.
I hope this doesn't become a trend (repeat of 2016 close game loses)
Just saying taking the next step means getting more vicious for 61 minutes straight! :cowboy:

I don't think it's a matter of if but more a matter of when. Glenn took some good licks in that game and was a bit slow to get up from a couple of them. I hope it doesn't happen but the reality is that it most likely will.

Lol instead of getting "vicious" and taking stupid penalties how about they all try and play a complete game without shooting themselves in the foot? That 3rd quarter was a total break down on defense and honestly if Nichols were sharp even in the second quarter there were some glaring mistakes that the Bombers didn't capitalize on. They sure made up for it in the 3rd though. Dressler should have had another wide open TD if not for Nichols poor over throw.

This reminds more of 2015 then 16. Close games and putting up points but the defense being oh so woeful. Jones, the great "mastermind" of defense had better get his head out of his *** or he will have the same fate as Cory did that year.

Boy that's going to be expensive. Reynolds should be out of a job tomorrow IMO, no matter how the future plays out. To give a guy like Jones so much control at such a high price when he had very little experience, if not 0, with the positions he was handed is probably the biggest blunder this franchise has ever made. On top of that, what exactly were his credentials to get this job anyway????????

Seriously?? There were not many (likely none) on the market who had better credentials. He has been a HC, DC, assistant GM multiple times...how many people out there had that? very very few. I think his recruitment has overall been fine. He played in some grey areas last year and took some heavy fines...see if he continues to refrain but it appears he is. honestly...the biggest issue IMO was not bringing in a DC this season....I get why he didn't last season but he probably should have this year. The only names I was aware of that would be on par or above that were in the discussions were Huff (who passed) and ET (who certain members of the board were a hard no on). I think this team has the players to be successful...it is still building but it has the pieces to compete. The biggest issue has been D strategy this year. I think the stepping back and making DD pass worked well and was a good approach...Nichols should have had heat on him 75% of the time...and it showed, because when he did the Riders looked good....when they laid back it was generally awful. If he stops only bringing 3 so often this team should have success. As pissed as I was at how he approached this game he is not getting canned after 2 games....that is why this team is a perennial loser. Might it happen late in the year...if they don't win some games...sure. Reynolds is unlikely to be going anywhere though....the board was 100% behind this move.

I was wondering about Reynolds credentials for the job not Jones .

Reynolds was the right hand for 3 years. His leadership for GC2013 and the implementation of the legacy upgrades all but made him a lock for the job. Internally, I don't think it is possible for a candidate to build a better resume for a promotion like this in about any organization out there due to the timing that allowed him to be involved in a few different things...he earned ever ounce of that promotion and then some. He did a very structured analytical approach to the hiring process...no way he would be getting canned. If the worst case scenario comes and Jones gets turfed late in the season he is going to get a second crack at it...though it might have some restrictions on it via the board and the hire be split into 2-3 persons....Popp's old right hand would likely be one of them.